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Chafer Grub Control Solutions for Grassland

Bio injection specialist contractor and machinery manufacturer Target Set Technology Ltd, provides unique grassland contracting service.

Focusing on Chafer Grub Control by injecting garlic based botanical bio pesticides, and direct fertilizer injection. The new Target Set Grassland Injection™ (GLi™) system offers a completely fresh approach. Target Set also offers grassland managers the opportunity to purchase their own injection machines.

new biological solution for the Chafer Bug problem in grassland; the unique Target Set GLi™ system of directly injecting garlic based liquid bio pesticides

New biological solution for the Chafer Bug problem in grassland; the unique Target Set GLi™ system of directly injecting garlic based liquid bio pesticides

Turf growers, sports amenity operators, golf courses, parklands, lawn maintenance contractors and grassland growers are some of the many potential customers.

How Does it Work?
Using new technologies, together known as Target Set Grassland Injection™ (GLi™) enables the injection of bio products, nutrients and fertilizer, at high pressures (8-10 bars), directly into the grass root area, using large diameter serrated disc slitters, and special DABb unique profile injectors.

Chafer Bug Control
Target Set Technology cooperates with ECOspray, a world leader in botanical bio pesticide research and development. The company holds a group of authorisations for nematicidal actives based around the chemistry of garlic. Their product EGC, has been specially developed as a nematicide for use in sports turf to reduce the build in populations of damaging plant parasitic nematodes. EGC is widely used to treat many premiership and championship football grounds.

Liquid Fertilizer Injection
Direct injection of liquid fertilizer with GLi™ has proven to offer significant advantages over conventional systems through the direct nature of the application, and through timeliness.
Recommendations specify that Bio-N needs to be applied to soils with plenty of air, to then allow it to fix 50-100kg/ha of nitrogen to the crop. This is why the Target Set GLi™ grassland injector is the ideal machine to apply Bio-N. The injectors apply these beneficial micro-organisms directly into the root zone where they will thrive. At the same time the injector aerates the soil, so not only are you applying your soil biology in the perfect conditions you are also helping create the perfect conditions.

Contracting Service
Target Set Technology operates two contracting teams using a grassland tyre equipped tractor, and a Target Set GLi™ 160 with a 1.60 metre working width.
Target Set Technology would be more than happy to talk to growers about their specific needs, and to tailor application programs and machinery accordingly.

Standen Target Set

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