Basic Payment Scheme 2015 Claims Revert to Paper

It has just been announced by the Rural Payment Agency that the online Rural Payments system will now not be used for any Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) 2015 claims, and that paper forms will be used in its place.

The Rural Payments Agency (RPA) have made a total “U-turn” with their announcement last night that all BPS claims will be made via a new paper form, the BP5 Form. The forms will be available from Monday 23rd March and the submission deadline has been extended to Monday 15th June 2015.

Andrew Jamieson

Andrew Jamieson

Whilst this is a shock we the H&H Land and Property team are pleased that an announcement has now finally been made, and we can move forward with our client’s applications.

There will be blank forms for new claimants available on Monday 23rd March and pre-populated forms should be sent out early April.

Commissioner Hogan has offered the ability to extend the claim deadline to 15th June for the 2015 claim year only. Mark Grimshaw head of the RPA has said
“We welcome today’s announcement by the Commissioner Hogan to offer an extension of the deadline for BPS claims to 15th June. A formal extension notification has yet to come through but it is expected to be taken up.”

Everyone must still register online to make the 2015 BPS claim. Even though it is now only a paper form – we advise you speak to agent at the earliest opportunity if you have not already done so.

Andrew Jamieson, Senior Agricultural Advisor at H&H land and Property, commenting on the announcement said: “This appears to be a setback on the face of it, but we feel that it is good news for claimants and agents alike. We now have a final decision and clarity on how to proceed from here on and can progress matters with clients to ensure submissions are made on time.

“Although we feel sure that the RPA will confirm their acceptance of the claim deadline extension, we would advise farmers not to delay preparing, checking and submitting their BP5 forms once available from Monday 23rd onwards.” We are already considering how we can assist farmer with Mapping software where EFA and boundary features will need to be mapped for submissions.”

It is understood that there will be a shift in the way claims are made:

  1. The RPA have identified around 39,000 claimants who they perceive to have “straightforward” claims. We are yet to receive full details on how they propose to action these claims, but even the most straightforward claims will need to be checked carefully, as some fully grassland farmers claims may include common land. There may be a simple e-mail based claim system for these 39,000 farmers to make their 2015 claim.

  2. For those who don’t fall under this category the RPA have declared there will be a blank claim form (BP5) made available. Making sure this is completed correctly will be essential and claims done this way can be made sooner than waiting for the pre-populated forms to be released.

  3. For those with larger field parcels etc and more complicated claims, they should wait for the pre-populated form.

  4. For those with more complex cases – such as new entrants, young farmers, probate cases the RPA are proposing to offer added assistance.

  5. Claimants who have not received or requested a full set of RLR maps within the last 6 months should receive a new set of maps during April.

  6. The online system had no ability to transfer land or entitlements, or make any changes to land parcels, and following the announcement, claimants and agents will have to revert back to RLE1 forms to make such changes. once more – we think this is a good move, a final decision has now been made and land parcel changes and entitlement trading can now progress without delay from Monday 23rd March. The RPA are yet to confirm if the standard 6 week notification period applies to the submission of RLE1 forms which could have a massive impact on 2015 entitlement trading.

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