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NMR Puts Disease Tests in the Spotlight at Agriscot

Improved disease monitoring and surveillance schemes for cattle will be centre stage on NMR’s stand at this year’s Agriscot on November 19, 2015 at Ingliston, Edinburgh.

“We will be highlighting our CHeCS approved HerdCheck scheme for BVD surveillance launched earlier this year,” says NMR vet Karen Bond who will be on the stand to discuss the scheme with producers and vets.


“BVD HerdCheck uses all of the available BVD testing technology and by combining test methods within the scheme it can offer suitable options specific to dairy, beef or mixed farms.”

The scheme is available nationally and is compatible with the Scottish BVD eradication programme. “Producers and their vets can take advantage of these structured surveillance options to make BVD management easy and practical.”

NMR will also be promoting its Herdwise Johne’s disease screening programme. This offers quarterly individual cow testing using samples taken for milk recording.

The ability to use the milk recording samples means that no extra on farm sampling is required, there is no onus on producers to remember test dates as this is set up automatically through NML and producers and approved third parties such as the vet have direct access to results.

“We are encouraging producers throughout the UK to take advantage of these streamlined disease testing services that are highly reliable and cost-effective,” adds Mrs Bond.


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