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Amazone to Launch the Cayron Range at Cereals 2014

Amazone, as the harvest to harvest specialists, understand totally the needs of the arable farmer and the range of kit now offered increases year on year to cope with those demands.

Amazone to launch the new ZA-TS Super at Cereals 2014
The last 12 months has seen the return of the plough to the Amazone portfolio and Cereals 2014 will feature again the first of the new production machines in the Cayron range. Continuing on the cultivation front, the new Cenius 6003-2TX mulch cultivator will make its British debut at Chrishall Grange as well as a brace of new Cirrus cultivator drills, one with fertiliser application as well as grain. On the spraying and spreading side, Cereals 2014 will see the Pantera 4502 in the demonstration ring for the first time as well as the launch of the new smaller capacity ZA-TS, the ZA-TS Super Profis Hydro. With these impressive highlights in mind we will take a look at the releases in a bit more detail:

The new Cirrus drill range has the option of grain and fertiliser sowing

The new Cirrus drill range has the option of grain and fertiliser sowing

ZA-TS 3200 Super Profis Hydro fertiliser spreader
It is just a year now since the first ZA-TS Ultra Profis Hydro was delivered and, at Cereals 2013, we saw the machine on the stand for the first time. Spring 2014 has seen many of the new ZA-TS Ultra spreaders out in the field doing what they do best; spreading 36 metres or more at 600 kg/ha, and all this at 30 km/h. The improvement in yields around the field boundary made possible by the AutoTS spreading system has been shown to be around 15% higher than other border spreading systems and this equates to about £38/ha in added income; in other words the spreader will pay for itself in a year on a little over 500 ha of arable land.

The in-cab control over spread pattern and border spreading, plus the new 8 section automatic part-width shut-off system, makes using the new TS a doddle. However, for the smaller farmer, the 4200 litre hopper capacity with its hydraulic roll-over hopper cover and integrated parking wheels could well be a little over the top and so Cereals 2014 sees the launch of the new smaller ZA-TS Super. With hopper sizes of either 2700 or 3200 litres and a maximum payload of 3,200 kg, the Super has a maximum spreading width of 36m using the TS 1 or TS 2 spreading system. The roll-over cover is manually actuated. Control is still ISOBUS only and half-side automatic head-land shut-off is offered on the mechanical PTO-driven Profis spreaders or the 8-section system on the Profis Hydro. The twin weigh-cell system with 200 Hz weighing and tilt sensor is still standard on the Super.

ISOBUS control
In the world of new ISOBUS conformity standards within the AEF (Agricultural In-dustry Electronics Foundation), all the new TS spreaders are now TaskController TC-BAS, TC-GEO and TC-SC ready as well as all Amazone sprayers when specified in ISOBUS format. The new conformity system ensures that the level of plug and play between different ISOBUS equipped tractors and machinery can be ascertained before purchase to avoid disappointment. The level of understanding about ISOBUS can be a steep learning curve when it comes to getting your head round the differing levels of Universal Terminal - UT.01….UT.04 and AUX-N or AUX-O when it comes to joystick compatibility, etc., etc.. TaskController opens up a whole new Pandora’s Box of ISO-XML file transfer and section control boom shut-off. All mounted, trailed and self-propelled sprayers at Cereals 2014 will be ISOBUS ready.

CCI 100 ISOBUS terminal
The CCI 100 terminal is a joint project between leading machinery manufacturers and the CCI (Competence Centre ISOBUS) to develop a modern terminal that is operator-friendly to machine rather than tractor operation. The new Amazone CCI 100 has an 8.4” touch screen with additional soft keys and is ideal for operators switching between a Krone baler, Grimme harvester or Amazone sprayer as the menu layout is identical from machine to machine making operation so much simpler. The additional licences of parallel guidance or section control can be purchased from the company supplying the screen originally. The CCI 100 has a built-in TECU-A which means the unit provides its own speed source without needing to be connected to a full ISOBUS tractor.

Users of ISOBUS systems in conjunction with, for example a trailed sprayer, have been caught short when they realise the speed source is being provided by the land wheel and sent through the CANBUS and cannot be seen on the ISOBUS. The AEF website aims to prevent such a mismatch and ensure clarity in the level of ‘plug and play’

Cenius 6003-2TX mulch cultivator
A new six metre trailed mulch cultivator will be on the stand at Royston.

Designated the Cenius TX and available initially in 6 & 7 metre working widths, the new hydraulically-folding cultivator offers the utmost in flexibility. At a spacing of 28cm, the new C-Mix tines are arranged in a four stagger layout in such a way that every other tine can be lifted out of work when wanting to move less soil.

The Cenius TX Special comes with shear bolt tine protection, whereas the Cenius TX Super offers sprung overload stone protection with a breakaway force of 600 kg.

The working spectrum ranges from shallow stubble cultivation right through to top soil deep loosening at up to 30cm deep and this range can be achieved by changing the share system fitted to the new C-Mix tines. Depending on the desired working depth, a choice of 350mm wing shares, a 100mm inversion share or an 80 mm deep work share can be specified. The share is split into a point and a guide plate to reduce the amount of wasted wearing metal and so reduce running costs for the cultivator.

Depth control is carried out by a mixture of the front support wheels and the rear packer rollers for optimum contour following and there is a choice of rear rollers – 600 mm tooth packer, 580 mm wedge ring roller or 600 mm knife ring roller.

Moved about on its mid-mounted 550/45 22.5 transport tyres, the Cenius is able to travel on the road at up to 40 km/h where legally possible. And those same wheels can be used in the field to carry some of the cultivator weight during work, or to carry the machine entirely, as the rear packer rollers can be dropped off completely for use in late season when the ground is wet and just needs to be left open.

The hydraulically-actuated drawbar, with a choice of pulling systems depending on tractor type right up to Cat V, simplifies hitching up as the drawbar can be raised and lowered to suit the hitch point. In the field, that same hydraulic drawbar can be used to remove up to 1500 kg of weight off the cultivator and put that weight onto the rear end of the tractor to increase traction when soil conditions or field topography dictates.

The twin row of levelling discs ahead of the rear packers ensure a thorough final mix and levelling before the consolidation. These levelling discs feature the well-proven Amazone sealed, oil-immersed bearing system for high longevity and, continuing with the theme of operator-friendliness, are centrally adjusted for height by a crank handle at the side of the cultivator.

Pantera 4502 self-propelled sprayer
In the Sprays & Sprayers arena will be the new Pantera self-propelled. The first of the new generation 4502 sprayers are already working on farm and offer increased output and driver comfort over the out-going model. At Cereals, the demonstration machine will feature the new Category IV cab filtration where a pressurised air system excludes everything down to aerosol sizes particles out of the cab for enhanced operator working conditions. The guidelines on the use of Cat IV cabs are very much product-dependent with the type of application dictating the need or not for respiratory equipment, etc. whilst driving. The Cat IV cab concept means that, irrespective of the product the sprayer is applying, the driver is able to avoid the need for additional PPE.

The new larger 4800 litre tank and the new 218hp, emissions-friendly Deutz engine offer increased performance and residual spray volumes are yet further reduced with the new Altek pump layout and shortened pipework systems. Self-steer is carried out via the AMAPAD controller and the complete cleaning, filling, washing, mixing cycle is all simplified or automated by the use of clever electronics. Without self-steer, AMAPAD still offers parallel tracking and SectionControl plus the virtual ‘AMACLICK’ switch box system as standard. Data transfer for documentation, field boundaries and variable rate application is again via ISO-XML files to a USB stick.

Cirrus 03 trailed cultivator drill
Following on from showing the Cirrus 3003 Compact at LAMMA 2014, its big brother will debut at Chrishall Grange. The Cirrus 6003-2C with the addition of fertiliser down the spout as well as grain will be on the Amazone stand. The 4000 litre tank is split 60:40 between grain only or grain and fertiliser. The pressurised tank ensures that the mixture is evenly distributed after metering down the pipe to the coulter where the fertiliser is placed alongside the grain in the seed furrow.

Up front, the optional CrushBoard levels and firms ahead of the twin row disc harrow element which provides the cultivation in front of the new Matrix tyres. The bigger 880 mm diameter Matrix tyres are easier running and cleated to provide more drive and less rolling resistance for reduced horsepower and less diesel. The new RoTeC pro coulter has been designed for better seed placement at the higher forward speeds that are now being adopted by farmers. Seed pipe monitoring is also offered as an option utilising technology from Dickey John.


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