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Liver Fluke Treatment Re-Introduced by MSD Animal Health

The flukicide drench ZANIL® has been re-introduced into Great Britain by MSD Animal Health as a treatment against chronic liver fluke in cattle and sheep.

Based on the active ingredient oxyclozanide, Zanil is highly effective against the adult fluke responsible for chronic disease and – significantly for dairy farmers - is licensed for use in young, pregnant and lactating animals, with a 72-hour milk withhold period where milk is produced for human consumption.

Zanil Fluke Drench

Zanil Fluke Drench

“The latest independent data confirms that fluke is on the increase in UK cattle and sheep,” says MSD Animal Health veterinary advisor Matt Haslam. “The fluke problem is longstanding, but is being exacerbated by recent wet summer and autumn periods that have created ideal conditions for this parasite to proliferate and infect grazing livestock.

Chronic liver fluke causes serious economic losses for livestock farmers. In dairy herds, for example, there will be a negative impact on fertility and milk production where cows are affected.

“It is important that farmers have access to the best treatment options given the size of the threat and the scale of potential losses. Zanil is used widely and effectively in Ireland in the control of fluke problems, and there is no known resistance to the active ingredient oxyclozanide. With its re-introduction into the country, we believe Zanil is unique as a flukicide-only treatment that is licensed for use in lactation and in the dry period for the treatment of adult fluke in dairy cows.”

Zanil is an oral drench with POM-VPS authorisation and is available from both animal health suppliers and veterinary practices. Dosage rate is 3ml per 10kg bodyweight in cattle, up to a maximum of 105ml, and 4.5ml per 10kg bodyweight in sheep, up to a maximum of 20ml.


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