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Fibertek Feed Additive Is Proving Its Worth

The addition of Fibertek from Harbro to the TMR at Flashbrook Manor Farm, Newport, Staffordshire has resulted in improved feed utilisation and a one litre increase in daily milk yield.

The herd of 480 Holsteins run by Phil Mansell of Shutt & Mansell is housed inside all year round and fed a TMR based on maize silage, grass silage, protein blend, straw and wheat.

Phil Mansell

Phil Mansell

In February 2012, the grass silage and maize silage being fed were both slightly coarse and there was quite a bit of fibre coming through in the dung. It was suggested to Mr Mansell that he try Fibertek, an additive which had been newly launched by Harbro.

dung before feeding Fibertek

dung before feeding Fibertek

dung after feeding Fibertek

dung after feeding Fibertek

Fibertek is a unique blend of functional proteins and essential oils which works by improving fibre digestion in the rumen. It actively stimulates fungi in the rumen that ‘drill’ into plant fibre and increase the surface area available for digestion.

The result is a substantial improvement in fibre digestion and rumen function with more milk being extracted from each kilo of dry matter intake. Fibertek takes effect quickly with a noticeable difference in dung within a few days.

‘Since we started using Fibertek, the consistency of the dung has improved with no cereal or fibre coming through the cows,” says Mr Mansell.

Mr Mansell feeds Fibertek at a rate of 50 grams/head/day costing 8p and the extra litre of milk brings in 31p, giving a net gain of 23p/cow/day.

Fibertek can be included in minerals or added into rations as a Farm Pack at 50g/head/day. “It is easy to use,” confirms Matt Palmer Harbro ruminant nutritionist, “and with improvements in milk yield of over 1 litre this equates to a return on investment of at least 3:1.

The benefits of feeding Fibertek will also be true for beef and sheep where forage quality may be poor or makes up a large part of the ration but for dairy the effect is immediately apparent in the milk tank.”

“The fibre in the TMR is digested well by the cows, and we are getting an extra litre out of them,” says Mr Mansell who continues to add Fibertek to his TMR.


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