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Demonstrating the Benefits of Fendt Tractors

A carefully planned and precisely executed demonstration programme is helping secure valuable new and repeat Fendt tractor business across Lincolnshire and Yorkshire for long-established farm machinery dealership, Peacock and Binnington (P & B), based at Old Foundry, Brigg, North Lincolnshire.

Introduced by former AGCO area manager, Stephen Mills, who joined P & B as Fendt brand manager in October 2011, the demonstration programme achieved outstanding success during its first full year, with Fendt’s market share across Peacock and Binnington’s trading area rising by almost 45 per cent from the end of 2011 to the same date 12 months later.

Stephen Mills, Fendt Brand Manager at AGCO dealership, Peacock & Binnington.

Stephen Mills, Fendt Brand Manager at AGCO dealership, Peacock & Binnington.

Importantly, more than half of all new Fendt tractor sales secured by P & B in 2012 produced a non-Fendt tractor as the trade-in.

During 2012, Fendt’s share of the tractor market in Lincolnshire and Yorkshire grew from 3.3 per cent to 4.9 per cent, the latter figure being virtually identical to the brand’s national UK market share. This result is seen as a significant achievement in what is regarded as one of the most competitive areas of the country for tractor business, with all of the major brands having significant dealer representation throughout Lincolnshire and Yorkshire.

In the over-220hp tractor sector, P & B and Fendt achieved a creditable 26.5 per cent share of the local market in 2012, up from 18 per cent the year before.

Results during the first five months of 2013 are showing a similar pattern, with Stephen Mills reporting that of the 15 new Fendt tractor sales achieved by the company to date, half have resulted in a non-Fendt trade-in.

“The approach taken to increasing our Fendt tractor business is based on the fact that Fendt is rather different to mainstream agricultural tractors and needs to be sold in a different way,” explained Stephen.

“Fendt has always been a high value product so we never look to compete on purchase price with other brands. Instead, we concentrate on a Fendt tractor’s features, performance, economy and total cost of ownership which, when trade-in values are taken into account, are likely to be significantly lower than that of a mainstream tractor at the end of its time on a farm or working for a contractor.”

According to Stephen, a well-planned, properly-executed demonstration is key to the success of securing new and repeat Fendt tractor business. “Peacock and Binnington is running more Fendt demonstration tractors than ever before in its 14 year history selling and supporting the brand,” he said. “When we drop-off a demo Fendt tractor with a customer, it is vital that the tractor is properly prepared for the proposed work and that the customer and operator receive full familiarisation instruction, a procedure for which we allow at least half a day.

“Demonstration periods are always for a minimum of two days and include a return visit by myself or a colleague to answer any further question or queries that the driver or customer might have, once they have got a few hours under their belt.”

Other important aspects highlighted by Stephen Mills in helping P & B raise its levels of Fendt business include having the right tractors available both for demonstration and sale at appropriate times of the year; identifying potential Fendt tractor buyers early-on, enabling a planned approach to the sales process; and liaising closely with Fendt UK to ensure that the company’s business runs professionally and smoothly.

“The results are proof that we are achieving our goals,” commented Stephen. “Fendt is happy, Peacock and Binnington is happy and, most importantly, our customers are happy, secure in the knowledge that their Fendt tractor is not a cost to the business but a valuable asset that will repay their investment many times over.”


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