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Not Enough Evidence to Support Ban on Neonicotinoids

The Country land and Business Association says there is not enough field evidence to support EU ban on Neonicotinoids.

The CLA has said it is disappointed by the decision to pass an EU-wide ban on neonicotinoid pesticides despite a lack of field-based research into the effects of the chemicals on bee health.


CLA President Harry Cotterell said: "We are concerned that the ban is based on incomplete evidence gained from limited laboratory testing, rather than field-based trials that accurately reflect the use of these pesticides in farming practice.

"The decision has set a dangerous precedent by allowing the ban of these three products, based on such limited evidence."

The CLA President added: "Bees play a significant role as pollinators in agriculture and biodiversity. We support reasonable measures being put in place to ensure their survival.

"We are worried about the effect this ban will have on British arable farmers and fruit growers who may be forced to use old-fashioned treatments to protect their crops."


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