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Holmer Terra Dos T3 Eco At Cereals 2013

The new 2013 model Holmer Terra Dos T3 Eco self-propelled sugar beet harvester will be shown on the Standen-Reflex stand, number 3-M-300 at Cereals 2013.

Latest updates boost power, economy, and output as the company’s newest technology elements are applied to the popular Terra Dos T3 harvester.

  Holmer Terra Dos T3 Eco self-propelled sugar beet harvester

Holmer Terra Dos T3 Eco self-propelled sugar beet harvester

These updates include:

  • New MAN D2676 LE SCR 520ps power unit with AdBlue technology for increased power and improved economy

  • New Michelin Ultraflex technology with front IF 800/70R32 tyres running at just 1.5 bar, together with ‘dog leg’ chassis technology for even less soil compaction

  • KOS-KO Combi topper, high performance defoliation, switchable from the cab’ between integrated (mulch), and spreader topping, now available with special equipment for ‘full fat’ high fen tops

  • DynaCut high speed scalpers for accurate ‘whole beet’ crowning; these achieved best performance at the Beet Europe 2012 sugar beet harvesting demonstration

  • Award winning HR walking shares featuring Holmer’s unique, Independent Row Depth control technology, with the capacity for up to 20% greater output

  • New 900mm wide intake web with as much as 40% more capacity

No other harvester can match these technological advances which have made the Holmer brand so popular around the world. But technology only has value if its benefits are tangible.

Harvesting efficiently is what all this technology is about; the proven results are the way fields are left level post-harvest, the lower losses through topping, lifting and handling efficiencies leading to greater crop retention, quality and increased grower profits.

Best in class reliability and economy, coupled to superb driver layout and ergonomics, make Holmer the operator’s choice as a place to sit for more than five months of the year. It’s the machine that contractors never regret choosing; an investment that brings pleasant surprises and satisfied customers.

The brand new factory fresh display Holmer at Cereals 2013, one of several new models in the UK for the 2013/2014 campaign, has been sold to Wroxham Home Farms, Home Farm, Wroxham, Norwich, Norfolk.

In the UK with more than 60 harvesters now sold, sales, service and parts for Holmer products is provided Standen-Reflex of Ely, Cambridgeshire.


Standen Reflex

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