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Auctioneers Form Pedigree Partnership

Two of the UK’s leading livestock auctioneers have joined forces to provide breeders and farmers from all parts of the UK with an enhanced marketplace for selling and buying pedigree cattle.

Initially focusing on Limousins, Welshpool Livestock Sales has announced two new sales in conjunction with Carlisle based auctioneers Harrison & Hetherington. The WLS and H&H Spring Production Sale of Pedigree Limousin Cattle will take place on 16th May followed later on in the season by a dedicated breeding female sale in late November.

David Pritchard,Operations Director at Harrison & Hetherington

David Pritchard, Operations Director at Harrison & Hetherington

Since being introduced to the UK in the 1970s, Limousin cattle have become one of the foremost breeds in the country. Renowned for its highly saleable, lean meat, it is now seen at all the major agricultural shows. As leading livestock auctioneers, Harrison & Hetherington and Welshpool Livestock Sales have considerable experience in the sale and marketing of pedigree livestock. H & H operating throughout the UK and mostly in North West England and Southern Scotland, this includes the world famous Borderway Mart in Carlisle, host to many specialist pedigree events such as the celebrations of the 40th anniversary of the Limousin breed in the UK held last year; WLS operating throughout Wales and the border counties having a large new state of the art livestock marketing centre having easy access from all major roads and rail networks.

As Welshpool Livestock Sales Director Richard Evans, explains, “This new initiative is a response to the growing interest we are seeing in pedigree breeds and these sales will connect buyers and sellers across a much wider geographical area. Harrison and Hetherington are experts in their field and we are looking forward to working with them to develop these sales, following the success of our joint production sale of the ‘Sarkley’ herd, with H & H, last year.”

The Welshpool Centre has been handling sales for many years on behalf of the North West Midlands and North Wales Limousin Breeders Club. The new market site which was only built in 2009 has superb facilities including undercover pens, on a 17 acre site with a 3.25 acre livestock building capable of holding 1,200 cattle and 15,000 sheep. It regularly sells livestock from across Wales and Shropshire and into the South West. The facilities are well used; and have a reputation for selling quality store and breeding stock.

David Pritchard, Operations Director at Harrison & Hetherington is keen to develop this iniative;
“We are very much looking forward to working with Welshpool on these two new pedigree sales and with the intention of pursuing other opportunities in developing pedigree interests. It will be a great opportunity to bring breeders from across a huge area together. Given that the public and supermarkets are strongly in favour of British produced beef following the recent scares over sourcing, it will be fantastic to provide more buying opportunities to further develop the industry.”

Harrison & Hetherington

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