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Secure Your Farm With FarmCam

Up to four cameras around the farmyard feed full colour pictures and sound to your mobile phone using the new farmCam security and stock surveillance package from LUDA of Sweden.

Available nationwide from Agrihealth the farmCam comes with a two year guarantee and sends quality pictures from as many as four cameras onto your phone or monitor. Easy to install and easy to use the LUDA farmCam is wireless, flexible and interference free.

FarmCam Contents

FarmCam Contents

Using a touch screen facility any one of four images displayed go to full screen when unusual movement in the calving pen, lambing shed or around valuable vehicles attracts your attention. This multi camera coverage is ideal when livestock and machinery are in several different sheds.

In an era of endemic rural crime farmCam certainly enhances security around the farmhouse and machinery sheds.

Designed and built with typical Swedish thoroughness to withstand farm conditions and extreme weather farmCam gives modern mobile phone users an App that adds to their peace of mind.

This new facility on your smartphone or home monitor makes farming safer and more efficient by saving your time and energy.

These Swedish cameras operate at temperatures down to minus 20C and come with wide angle lens complete with night vision and sound. This means you can really see and hear just what is happening in the farmyard from anywhere with mobile phone coverage. This new farmCam system costs from £565.


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