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Windcrop’s New Power to Boost Farm Income and Eco-credentials

The country’s largest installer of small-scale wind turbines is giving farmers the chance to buy a turbine and earn a projected net, tax-free income of between £31k and £78k over 20 years*.

In the last four years Windcrop Ltd has earned its reputation by installing fully-financed, 15 metre high, wind turbines. Now it has developed a new model for farmers, with capital available to invest in renewable energy, to more than double an initial £20,000 outlay.

Windcrop turbine at smallholding

Windcrop turbine at smallholding

Windcrop’s managing director, ex Lotus Commercial Engineer John Moore, explained: “We’ve grown from a small start-up business to the leading installer by earning our own return on investment through the Government’s Feed-in Tariff (FiT)**. Now we are really excited to be able to offer farms and smallholdings the chance to do the same. This is an attractive business opportunity to use renewable energy to increase profits, as well as cutting the cost of rising energy bills and demonstrating a commitment to sustainable energy.”

Windcrop small-scale farm turbine

Windcrop small-scale farm turbine

The new environmental and economic opportunity comes with a unique performance promise. John added: “We’re actively encouraging farmers to get in touch about our new Earn with Windcrop model. But we recognise that with any investment opportunity the first question will always be what risk is involved?

“Our forecasting systems provide reassurance by showing the expected energy generation and financial returns in advance. And if the turbine does not generate the minimum amount of energy expected in the first five years we guarantee to buy it back.”

Windcrop has offices in East Anglia, Yorkshire and Cornwall. It has already installed over 450 fully-funded turbines across the UK, the majority of which are at farms, to generate free, environmentally-friendly electricity from small patches of land.

John added: “All the benefits of our original offering remain the same. Windcrop was established to make it easier to adopt small-scale renewable energy. We pride ourselves on providing a hassle-free process by taking on all the planning and using our innovative installation technique to minimise disruption. We’ve simply created a second option to give customers a risk-free way to maximise the financial returns and we are looking forward to talking to farmers across the UK.”

For more information visit www.windcrop.co.uk or call 01603 882152

*Each turbine generates on average10,000 kWh energy a year. Even if only 50 per cent of this energy is used by the investment has a projected net income, minus original outlay and maintenance costs of £31k over 20 years. This could increase to up to £78k in areas of high wind speed and where almost all the electricity generated by the turbine is used.

**The Feed-in Tariff (FiT) is a Government incentive to encourage the uptake of small-scale renewable energy. A set rate is paid for each unit of electricity generated by the turbine and a further income through the export tariff for every additional unit exported back to the National Grid.


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