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New Improved Dock Herbicide

Dow AgroSciences has launched a new formulation of the market-leading dock herbicide Doxstar.

DoxstarPro is a foliar-acting spray containing two key modern active ingredients, fluroxypyr and triclopyr, which together deliver a more robust and reliable effect than when used alone. They are readily translocated within the target plants, giving long-lasting control of both broad leaved and curled docks, as well as chickweed.

DoxstarPro – a new, high concentration dock herbicide from Dow AgroSciences

DoxstarPro – a new, high concentration dock herbicide from Dow AgroSciences

DoxstarPro is a high concentration formulation, so less is needed to treat a given area, leading to easier handling and less packaging. The maximum dose rate is now 2 litres/ha/year applied in 300-400 litres of water.

Applied when the weeds are actively growing in spring or autumn, DoxstarPro is selective in action, so does not affect grass growth in any way.

“This year weed control will be a greater priority for many livestock farmers,” says Robin Bentley, grassland market manager for Dow AgroSciences. “Many fields could not be sprayed last year, and poaching has produced open swards where docks will easily establish.

“So the launch of a new, improved dock herbicide is timely, as infestations of these weeds are likely to be an increasing problem on many farms.

“The arrival of DoxstarPro also reflects the investment being made by the company in continually improving its products to meet the needs of farmers.”


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