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Bauer Irrigation Reels - Setting New Standards with Compact Design

Rainstar A series provides high irrigation efficiency for small surfaces. Innovative and easy to handle, optimal for small irrigation areas and equipped with state-of-the art technology: These are the main characteristics of the new Bauer Rainstar A series irrigation reels.

There are three models (A1, A2 and A3) for use in horticulture and also amenity areas such as golf courses and sportsgrounds. All are available with the Bauer’s highly durable PE pipe in different combinations of length (from 110m to 170m) and diameter (from 40mm to 63mm) so that in one run a strip up to 70m wide and 200m long can be irrigated.

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The Bauer Rainstar A3 can operate an irrigation boom to provide the most even distribution of water possible.

“The technical design of the A series irrigators maintains the precision and quality standards of the bigger Rainstar machines, which have a deserved reputation for performance, reliability and durability,” says Adrian Tindall, Bauer sales manager for UK and Ireland. “For example, all steel components are hot-dip galvanized, while modern plastic covers ensure the best possible safety while providing an appealing design.”

The Rainstar A1 in 40-135 and 43-125 configurations, and the A2 in 50-135, 55-120 and 58-115 specifications, have fixed reels so the machine as a whole must be orientated in the required direction. They feature a new compact drive turbine and gearbox assembly with exchangeable water nozzles enabling operators to achieve efficient drive with different flow rates and pressures.

A proven Bauer full-flow turbine is fitted to the larger Rainstar A3, which is available in 55-170, 63-125 and 63-150 configurations. It can operate an irrigation boom as well as the standard rain guns that the A1 and A2 can supply.

“The A3’s drive system has vee-belt transfer from the turbine to a speed change gearbox, and then laser-cut gear and chain drive to the hose reel,” notes Adrian Tindall. “With minimal power loss, this is a highly efficient drive mechanism.”

It also has a turntable-mounted reel, so the drum can be rotated to the correct orientation and turned through 180deg to irrigate in opposite directions from a single location. This feature also makes it easy for one person to move the machine from one run to the next.

“Bauer placed special emphasis on user-friendliness when developing the reels to make them as simple as possible to set up and operate, even by someone inexperienced in managing a mobile irrigation system,” says Adrian Tindall. “The reels automatically lift the rain gun into the transport position at the end of each run, and there is automatic speed control and compensation for the increasing effective drum diameter as the hose is wound in.”

As optional equipment, a speed indicator and an over-pressure shut-off valve are available, together with an extensive choice of rain guns. A booster pump is available to allow irrigation with water taken from the local mains at low pressure.


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