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The ECO - New Automatic Lamb Feeder from Volac

A new automatic lamb feeder introducing the latest technology in automation, management and feeding hygiene to the sheep sector has been launched by Volac.

Called the ECO from Förster-Technik, the low labour system which can feed up to 240 lambs reliably and safely, is based on the company’s calf feeder technology, and is adjusted exactly to the young animals’ individual needs.

Volac Eco

Volac Eco

The ECO feeder has a hopper capacity of 35kg of milk replacer, and a heater output of 3.2kW as standard. The feeder automatically mixes a precise volume of powder to a consistent, specified temperature; this is determined by an electronic heating regulator and ensures that the feed is always fed at the correct temperature. Milk is available via eight separate feeding outlets each with teats attached. Each outlet can feed between 20 and 30 lambs.

The ECO is operated from a compact control unit with a digital display enabling water and milk powder to be configured separately. The robust system is accompanied by a suction hose cleaning system.

“The Förster-Technik ECO combines some of the very latest automated technology to provide farmers with a low labour, cost efficient feeding system that ensures lambs maximise their growth potential while remaining healthy,” says Volac’s John Reynolds. “The system is based on components from Förster calf feeder technology which have been tried and tested worldwide.”


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