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Catchment Sensitive Capital Grants Set to Return

H&H Land and Property have welcomed the news that Capital Grants under Natural England’s Catchment Sensitive Farming Scheme will return this year.

The Capital Grants have aided farmers with infrastructure investments which have boosted their profitability and environmental credentials.

Tim Sedgewick of H&H Land and Property

Tim Sedgewick of H&H Land and Property

The aim of the scheme is to reduce diffuse pollution from rainwater runoff and provides 50% grants (up to a maximum of £10,000) towards works such as new roofing to cover feeding and handling areas and concreting yards.

Whilst the Natural England scheme is nationwide, it only applies to those holdings falling within a "Priority Catchment Zone." Guidance on the 2013 scheme has not yet been officially launched but it is thought the application window is likely to be March and April 2013.

Tim Sedgewick of H&H Land and Property who has handled past grant applications comments:
“The return of the Catchment Sensitive Farming Grants will be positively greeted by farmers in this region. Many will have heard of neighbours receiving grant funding and thought that they should have applied too!”

He continues, “I think involvement in green schemes of this nature will reflect well on farmers who choose to profit from its rewards. The chance to receive 50% funding for something you are possibly already thinking about should not be dismissed. The application procedure requires some input but we have been successful on behalf of clients for previous applications.”

It is expected that the funding mechanism will allow £21 million in capital grants to be awarded this year with an expected further £15 million for 2013/14.

For more information and to find out whether a holding falls within a ‘Priority Catchment Zone’, please contact H&H Land & Property on Tel. 0191 370 8530.

H&H Land and Property

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