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Lleyn Ewe Lambs Average £122 at Stirling

The Lleyn Sheep Society sale at Stirling, on Monday, 10th September, saw ewe lambs average £122, an increase of £15 on the year.

2nd prize shearlings from H Goldie sell for £190
LLeyn shearlings

B Walling t/a Farmstock Genetics, of Selkirk topped the section with £130/head, £120/head and £100/head all selling to L Borthwick & Son, Ayrshire. The second prize pen from H Gillan, Cupar sold for £125/head to the same buyer.

In the shearling ewe section Hamish Goldie of Ruthwell topped with £190/head to S & J Corcoran, Newton Stewart and £180/head to J & H Clark, Lanark. Messrs Goldie of Orchard Lleyn, Dumfries then sold a pen for £175/head to I Quigley, Dumfries.

JK Goldie topped the ram section with 500gns when selling to Clark Farms, Curluke. Messrs Goldie of Orchard Lleyn were next with 450gns to I Quigley, Dumfries. Farmstock Genetics, H Goldie and Laga Farms Ltd all realised 400gns for rams.

Show Results

Shearling Ewes
1st JK Goldie
2nd H Goldie
3rd JA & R Geldard & Son

Ewe Lambs
1st H Goldie
2nd H Gillan
3rd JK Goldie

Champion females H Goldie ewe lambs
Reserve Champion JK Goldie shearling ewes

Shearling Ram
1st NR Walter
2nd J Kingan
3rd H Goldie

Ewe lambs to £130 av. £122
Shlg ewes to £190 av. £141
Rams to 500gns av. £375.90

Top Prices

Ewe lambs
Farmstock Genetics £130
H Gillan £125
Farmstock Genetics £120
Farmstock Genetics £100

Shearling ewes
H Goldie £190
H Goldie £180
Orchard Lleyn £175
JK Goldie £170
D Alexander £160 (x2)

JK Goldie 500gns
Orchard Lleyn 450gns
Farmstock Genetics 400gns
H Goldie 400gns
Laga Farms Ltd 400gns

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