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Stackyard News Sep 2012

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Sale of Registered Lleyn Sheep at Ross-on-Wye

A positive day was seen at Ross on Wye on Thursday, 6th September, with a strong trade and plenty of buyers to take the sheep. There was an overall clearance of 97%. The day set off on a high with 100% clearance in both the aged ewe and shearling ewe sections.

DN Bennett & Son sell Lleyn shearlings to £290

Lleyn shearlings

DN Bennett & Son of Powys had a very good sale topping the shearling section with £290/head for a pen of nine followed by £285, £255 and £240. All sold to the same buyer Collacombe Farm Ltd, Devon. Next to top was Roger & Helen Wells of Cardigan who realised £255/head for their pen of eight shearling selling to TH Jackson, Malvern. The first prize pen from Midlands Club Chairman Paul Andrews of Stourbridge sold for £225/head to Brent Bowdler of Cinderford. There were 14 pens sold for £200/head and over. An exceptional average was seen in the MVA section of £176/head.

The ewe lambs too saw a strong trade. Topping this section was DW & CF Morris, Carmarthen with their pen of 5 selling for £140/head to Simon Lewis, Haverfordwest. The first prize pen from WJ & DJ Williams, Pwllheli were sold as a pen of ten for £128/head to Robin Irwin, Devon. 23 pens in this section sold for £100/head and above.

Earlier in the day aged ewes had peaked at £145/head when AP Liggins, Rugby sold his two year olds to R Saunders, Wiltshire. DJ & GA Watkins, Hereford sold his two year olds for £140/head to G Beedle, Somerset.

Lionel Organ's top priced ram - 3100gns

Lleyn ram
Momentum continued into the ram section with 80 sold out of the 83 forward. The top price went to Lionel Organ of Llangeler who sold his homebred shearling bred from an AW Davies ram for 3100gns to G & A Fort, West Yorkshire. AW Davies was next to top with 2800gns for his homebred ram which had been 1st at the Great Yorkshire and Royal Welsh Shows also to G & A Fort. DW & CF Morris had 1800gns for their ram when selling to J Dufosee, Warminster. The first prize ram from JA & R Geldard & Sons sold for 1300gns to AG Selway, Dorset.

Show Results

Shearling Ram
1st  JA & R Geldard & Sons (408)
2nd  Christine Lewis (442)
3rd  WJ & DJ Williams (473)

Shearling Ewes
1st  P Andrews
2nd  AG Selway
3rd  AW Davies

Ewe Lambs
1st  WJ & DJ Williams
2nd  Colin Price
3rd  AW Davies


MVA Section
Ewes     to £145    av. £111
Shearlings  to £290    av. £176
Ewe lambs  to £140    av. £99
Rams    to 3100gns  av. £818.34

Non MVA Section
Yearlings  to £152    av. £131
Ewe lambs  to £68    av. £68

Top prices

Shearling Ewes
DN Bennett & Son  £290
DN Bennett & Son  £285
HM Wells    £255
DN Bennett & Son  £255
DN Bennett & Son  £240
L Organ      £240 (x2)
JA & R Geldard & Son  £232
P Andrews    £225
M & P Hendy    £222
AW Davies    £220

Ewe Lambs
DW & CF Morris  £140
WJ & DJ Williams  £128
E & D Jones    £125
BFE Jackson    £122
P Andrews    £120
P Bennett    £120
DN Bennett & Son  £120
DW & CF Morris  £120

AP Liggins    £145
DJ & GA Watkins  £140
WJ & DJ Williams  £135
JM Hopkins    £130

L Organ      3100gns
AW Davies    2800gns
DW & CF Morris  1800gns
AW Davies    1700gns
WJ & DJ Williams  1700gns
DN Bennett & Son  1600gns
C Lewis      1500gns
JA & R Geldard & Sons  1300gns
HM Wells    1300gns

Auctioneers RG & RB Williams

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Stackyard News

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