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Stackyard News Sep 2012

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Annual Sale of Registered Lleyn Sheep at Ruthin

A buzz was in the air at the Lleyn Sheep Society sale at Ruthin on Monday 3rd September 2012 as increased entry numbers brought more to the market with very high clearance rates seen in all sections.

Top priced females HM Wells £340

Lleyn females

The females set off very well with a top price of £340/head for a pen of classy shearling ewes from Helen & Roger Wells of Ceredigion. The purchaser was GO Williams, Corwen. The champion pen of stylish shearlings came from JA & R Geldard & Sons, Kendal, this pen realised £285/head when selling to A Hughes, Caernafon. Two pens realised £250/head from AW Davies and DN Bennett & Son.

AW Davies, Pwllheli topped the ewe lamb section with his 2nd prize pen selling for £150/head to N Caldwell, Flintshire. IO & A Jones, Abergele came next with their 1st prize pen selling for £145/head to AG Selway, Dorest. DW & CF Morris then came in and made £140/head of a pen to S Lewis Pembrokeshire.

The ewes too sold very well with WJ & DJ Williams selling 4 year old for £148/head and £144/head to H Jones, Denbigh and OM Jenkins, Borth respectively.

Champion Ram AW Davies 8100gns

Champion Lleyn Ram

The rams saw 20 out of the 118 forward hit 1000gns and above. The champion ram a homebred Bronallt shearling from AW Davies realised the top price of 8100gns when selling to joint purchasers DW & CF Morris, Carmarthen and HM Wells, Ceredigion.

Next was DN Bennett & Son, Powys with a Bankhall son and full brother to the Carlisle 2010 champion. This shearling sold for 6000gns to Derek & Cindy Steen of Lockerbie. E & D Jones, Machynlleth sold a Lluest Jack Flash son for 5200gns to A Hughes, Caernafon, from the same farm they sold an Actionman son for 4800gns to AW Davies, Pwllheli.

DN Bennett & Son sold another Bankhall son for 4000gns to joint purchasers JG Morton, Penrith & CP Sackville Hamilton, Malton.

The highlight in the aged ram section saw IO & A Jones sell their two shear ram for 2000gns to joint purchasers JA & R Geldard & Sons, Kendal and S Kavanagh, Skipton.

Show Results:

Aged Ram
1st  IO & A Jones (44)
2nd  Sarah Greig (52)
3rd  E Lloyd (76)
Shearling Ram
1st  AW Davies (124)
2nd  WJ & DJ Williams (42)
3rd  C Lewis (81)
North Wales Club Breeder Shearling Ram
1st  AW Davies (125)
2nd  WJ & DJ Williams (41)
3rd  A Hughes (48)

Champion Ram:    AW Davies (124)
Reserve Champion Ram  IO & A Jones (44)

Pen of Shearling Ewes
1st  JA & R Geldard & Sons
2nd  WJ & DJ Williams
3rd  JK Goldie
Pen of Ewe Lambs
1st  IO & A Jones
2nd  AW Davies
3rd  WJ & DJ Williams
Pen of Aged Ewes
1st  WJ & DJ Williams
2nd  S Greig
3rd  A Hughes

Champion Females:  JA & R Geldard & Sons (shearling ewes)
Reserve Champion:  IO & A Jones (ewe lambs)

Ewes    to £148    av. £110
Shlg ewes  to £340    av. £148
Ewe lambs  to £150    av. £90
Rams    to 8100gns  av. £1052

Top prices
Shearling ewes:
HM Wells    £340
JA & R Geldard & Sons  £285
AW Davies    £250
DN Bennett & Son  £250
AW Davies    £240
WJ &DJ Williams  £215
Ewe Lambs:
AW Davies    £150
IO & A Jones    £145
DW & CF Morris  £140
J Hamer    £134
WJ & DJ Williams  £130
DN Bennett & Son  £120
WJ & DJ Williams  £148
WJ & DJ Williams  £144
WJ & DJ Williams  £142
E LL Williams    £138
E LL Williams    £132
E LL Williams    £128
BS Williams    £128
AW Davies    8100gns
DN Bennett & Son  6000gns
E & D Jones    5200gns
E & D Jones    4800gns
DN Bennett & Son  4000gns
L Organ      2600gns
DN Bennett & Son  2250gns
DW & CF Morris  2100gns
DN Bennett & Son  2100gns
IO & A Jones    2000gns

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