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CASE IH Shows New Tractor Models at LAMMA

CASE IH presented new tractor models to a European audience during Agritechnica 2009 and will now showcase the models to its UK customers for the first time at LAMMA 2010.

The new JXU115 offers a great value package
for livestock and mixed farmers.


The Puma CVX features a 60kph transmission, the Puma range is extended with one new model, the Maxxum range has evolved into two distinct variants and the new JXU115 offers a great value package for livestock and mixed farmers.

Puma CVX is the ideal transport tractor.
Case IH will present a newly-developed 60kph transmission and ABS system that further extends the Puma CVX capabilities. The continuously variable transmission can operate at 60 km/h at 1900rpm engine speed, or 50 km/h at 1550rpm, ensuring efficient and fuel-saving operation as well as providing impressive transport capabilities.

The newly-developed ABS system uses force from compressed air that is converted into hydraulic force by a pneumatic/hydraulic converter, which means the system can use the existing hydraulic brakes installed on modern tractors. An ABS-Ecu control unit compares the data from the speed sensors on the wheels and makes millisecond-adjustments in the air pressure. The system checks for excess slip, one-sided skidding, intermittent braking and single wheel acceleration to give a confident and controlled braking effect in all conditions as well as reducing wear on the brake discs.

These key features, along with dual clutch technology and the Intuitive Control Panel, which is integrated into the armrest to complement the new multicontroller, earned the Puma CVX the coveted Machine of the Year Award at Agritechnica.

New Puma model joins the upgraded range
The new Puma 125 joins the Puma range, which sees upgrades across the board. The six-cylinder models extend the Puma range and overlap the Maxxum Multicontroller range to offer customers more choice at this power range. To meet the requirements of contractors and livestock farmers the Puma 125, 140 and 155 models are available with a Semi-Powershift transmission. This new transmission offering is available in 40kph and 50 kph configurations and is ideal in road transport applications where operators do not require the benefits of the Full Powershift transmission.

The Engine Power Management system on the Puma 140 and 155 models now provides productivity increases of 3% and 8% respectively. The Puma 165, 180, 195 and 210 models benefit from increased PTO performance as 1000 rpm PTO speed is now achieved in line with the maximum power of the engine at 1900 rpm, increasing productivity by up to 7% and increasing efficiency by up to 6%.The enhanced system also offers benefits in hydraulic operation, particularly continuous flow applications.

Exhaust Brake is now available on all models and is the ideal solution for customers performing heavy duty road transport operations. The system is design to restrict exhaust gas flow from the engine which in turn increases engine braking performance and service brakes life.

Maxxum and Maxxum Multicontoller offer wider choice.
The two redesigned and redefined Maxxum ranges offer two distinct feature sets: the economical Maxxum aimed at the livestock market and the advanced Maxxum Multicontroller delivering more sophisticated features to mixed farming operations or contractors.

Five mechanical fuel injection Maxxum models with four- and six-cylinder engines have a broad range of power from 100hp to 140hp. A straightforward design approach has kept the tractors simple yet capable, while ensuring that these entry-level machines keep Case IH’s core values of strength and reliability.
The six-model Maxxum Multicontroller range uses electronic fuel injection engines for a smooth power band that extends beyond the tractors rated power to provide Power Boost in demanding applications. Control, comfort and productivity have been enhanced thanks to the new A-pillar mounted instruments and the latest generation of Multicontroller armrest.

The new Multicontroller armrest, which bring flagship specification to this tractor class, controls functions such as 4WD, field mode/road mode, driving speed, forward/reverse shuttle, engine speed, headland management functions, hydraulic remotes and hitch settings. The newly developed Intuitive Control Panel is integrated into the Multicontroller armrest and features touch-sensitive buttons arranged logically over an image of the tractor, prompting less experienced drivers to intuitively select the right function.

JXU115 tops the JXU range
The new JXU115 will give livestock farmers more power for demanding pto tasks and intensive road transport applications. Built on the same platform as the JXU105, the JXU115 will be available as a 4wd cab tractor with a 12x12 or 24x24 with two-speed powershift or the new 20x20 creep speed powershuttle transmission, and a three-speed 540/750/1000 rpm pto with the option of ground speed.

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