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    Proven Roundup Tank-Mixing Flexibility Extended

Most modern Roundup formulations are now proven physically compatible with more than 50 of the most common post-planting pre-emergence sprays, including complex two and three-way herbicide and adjuvant mixes, reveal the latest extensive test results.


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Published in a comprehensive new Monsanto list of compatibilities spanning a total of 68 possible pre-emergence mixtures, the extensive test results show precisely which mixtures are known to be physically compatible with which Roundup brands and under which conditions. They primarily involve standard 100 litre water rates and identify compatibilities with either normal mixing or continuous agitation.

Perhaps most importantly, the lists – available through distributors across the country – reveal most liquid Roundups are only definitely incompatible with as few as seven of the possible pre-em mixes while the dry formulation has clear incompatibilities with just three.

“We have added a number of new possible tank-mix partners to our extensive tested database this season to give growers the most up-to-date information on quality glyphosate usability,” explains Monsanto technical specialist, Manda Sansom

“It underlines the extent to which Roundup stands out from other glyphosates both for a label which permits post-planting, pre-emergence use and a compatibility that allows it to be used without application problems.

“With establishment time in such short supply and the need to put the least possible pressure on post-em herbicides these days, adding Roundup to the post-plant, pre-em spray mix offers an ideal opportunity to boost early control of the full range of arable weeds. Especially so for those who have been unable to achieve the stale seedbed or stubble control they would have liked,” she stresses.

“The fact that modern Roundups are compatible with such a wide range of the most effective pre-emergence herbicides and herbicide mixtures gives growers the greatest possible flexibility to boost their weed control this autumn. As do formulations that are rainfast in as little as one hour and proven effective under the most challenging of conditions.”

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