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Semex Launches Repromax Sire Index

In a first for the industry, leading breeding company Semex UK has launched Repromax, a unique world-wide fertility evaluation index compiled using a range of international fertility data.

Daughters of Repromax sire Magor Bolivia Allen.
Bolivia is from Braedale Goldwyn’s dam and is one of the top proven sires in the US.
Daughters of Repromax sire Magor Bolivia Allen

The result of an extensive research programme carried out by its parent company Semex Alliance, Repromax identifies the highest fertility Semex sires, thereby allowing breeders to increase profitability by reducing costly days open. The index was created by pooling three sets of data which in total cover more than 8 million inseminations over a period of up to six years. The three sources include the newly created Sire Conception Rates (SCR) evaluation, Agri-Tech Analysis and Canada’s Non-Return Rate data. Fertility information from over 3,000 bulls was reviewed by Semex scientists to determine which sires were the most effective at getting cows into calf, with the top animals designated as Repromax sires.

Managing Director for Semex UK Gordon Miller commented on the new development, “As part of the Semex Alliance group, we can offer UK breeders the international breeding expertise of our parent company which invests heavily in its Canadian research centre. The Repromax index is a key example of such research. The index pools information from different countries, different herd sizes, and different management systems, thereby creating an extremely reliable and robust fertility evaluation.

“Our Repromax sires will prove to be a very powerful tool for UK breeders as they represent the ‘best of the best.’ These animals are highly proven, reliable bulls which deliver maximum fertility without any genetic sacrifice for quality. We see the index as being very much a complementary addition to our existing products and services such as Semex’s ai-24 heat detection system and Promate breeding calculator – already delivering strong results for farmers in terms of meeting their breeding goals, reducing calving intervals and increasing profitability. Repromax will allow our customers to make further improvements in terms of fertility, leading to more cows in calf and more milk. ”

Semex’s Repromax sires are available from both Holstein and Jersey breeds and are designated with the Repromax logo. For further information on Semex UK products and services contact your local area manager or Semex UK head office on 0800 86 88 90.

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