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Stackyard News Sep 07

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New Tomcat Range To Better Suit Small-Scale Rodent Control

Rural businesses carrying out small-scale rodent control can take advantage of a new range of Tomcat products launched this autumn. These are especially suited to users with smallholdings, small farms, equestrian businesses and market gardens as well as homeowners.

Tomcat Block Bait in action

Tomcat Block Bait in action

Tomcat rodent control products, available through agricultural merchants and countryside stores, are now available in convenient pack sizes and the range includes various control options.

“Tomcat has been available in the UK for 12 years and is one of the market leaders, but the product has so far only been available in pack sizes suited to the large rural user market,” says Tomcat product manager Will Golland.

“We are now making the Tomcat product, which uses high quality food grade ingredients and is well proven for its effectiveness in controlling rodents worldwide, available in smaller pack sizes and innovative designs to suit the smaller rural business and homeowner.”

The new range includes a complete line of rodent control products – pelleted and block bait, adhesive tapes, mechanical traps and tamper-resistant bait stations.

A new design of bait tray makes the Tomcat product easy to open and keeps the bait fresh until required. Packs contain four 110g pre-filled bait trays providing four placements for rats or eight placements for mice.

Bait blocks are available in packs of eight 28g blocks, ideal for controlling both rats and mice. They are highly palatable so appeal to rodents even in areas of high food competition.

Part of the new Tomcat range is a prebaited mouse station that is tamper-resistant and is designed to fit in corners or along walls. Its design minimises the risk of children or pets coming into contact with bait and it can be refilled and used repeatedly.
Snap traps – in packs of two for mice and one for rats are also part of the range along with mouse and rat glue traps in packs of four and two respectively.

“Rodent control is important in all rural situations,” adds Mr Golland. “We are seeing an increase in the rural rodent population. If they are not properly controlled there is a risk that they will cause damage and spread disease – and this can affect any type or size of business.”

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