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Stackyard News Sep 06

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New Approach To Farm Rodent Control Unveiled At Dairy Event

A fresh approach to controlling rats and mice by taking the greatest possible advantage of their natural behaviour was unveiled by pest management specialists, Sorex at the Dairy Event this week.


Set out in a special farmer’s guide available free of charge from the company at the Event, the Think Rat approach promises to help dairymen address the increasing challenge of modern rodent control with well-planned rodenticide programmes that exploit key elements of natural rat and mouse behaviour.

“Increasing food and environmental safety requirements on the one hand and increasingly poor bait consumption on the other means rodent infestations are proving more and more difficult to tackle in many cases,” explained Sorex rodenticide manager, Martina Flynn. “At the same time farm assurance schemes are demanding more thorough control than ever before.

“To help producers address this multiple challenge we’ve developed an integrated behaviour-led control approach with leading independent pest control specialist, Adrian Meyer. Linked to our patented new Fortec technology which revolutionises rodenticide bait formulation, this promises to ensure the most rapid, complete and reliable rodent control in the safest possible way.”

Authored jointly by Adrian Meyer and Sorex rodenticide development manager, Sharon Hughes, the 12-page Think Rat Guide examines, in turn, three vital ingredients for greater rat and mouse control success.

First, it provides a good understanding of how rats and mice live and feed. Then it establishes ways of using this understanding to better plan regular control programmes around this behaviour. And finally it shows how the best baiting technology can be employed to fully exploit it.

“Taking the maximum advantage of rodents’ natural behaviour in general and their feeding behaviour in particular offers major opportunities for improving the extent and speed of farm control,” insisted Martina Flynn.

“Our research and field studies have shown it can be hugely valuable in increasing the appeal of rodenticide baits to rats and mice, encouraging them to consume more bait sooner, and holding them longer at baiting points even in the presence of other foods.

“All of which ensures as many rats and mice as possible consume a lethal dose of rodenticide as fast as possible. Which, in turn, gives the opportunity to reduce the baiting period, so minimising the risk to pets and other wildlife.

“We are convinced that behaviour-led baiting has to be the best way to achieve the levels of rodent control, food safety and environmental security required today on dairy farms today,” she concluded.

Copies of the Think Rat Guide are available from Sorex on 0151 420 7151.

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