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Stackyard News Aug 06

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Radical New Bait Technology Launched To Boost Farm Rodent Control

A radical new bait technology has been launched this autumn to dramatically increase the speed and reliability of farm rat and mouse control while reducing its environmental risk by taking the greatest possible advantage of rodents' natural feeding behaviour.

brown rat

Developed by leading pest management specialists Sorex, Fortec exploits the clear preference of foraging rodents for foods with variety.

In so doing, it helps overcome the instinctive wariness of rats to new foods while encouraging both rats and mice to feed for longer in the presence of alternative food sources.

Unlike all other baits which are of a consistently uniform appearance, texture, taste and smell, Neosorexa Gold - the first bait employing the technology - includes a balance of patented foraging grain pellets

of a clearly different size, colour, shape, texture, smell and taste to the treated cut wheat base.

"Ironically, we've developed Fortec from welfare studies designed to improve the well-being of captive rodents," explains Sorex rodenticide development manager, Sharon Hughes.

"Studies which show that rats and mice will consume more of any foodstuff more rapidly and readily if it possesses a variety of different looks, feels, tastes and smells. This appears to make it altogether more immediately and universally appealing.

"Incorporating this understanding into a bait means we can ensure more is eaten sooner, increasing the speed with which a lethal dose of rodenticide is consumed," she points out.

"Which, of course, allows the period over which baiting needs to continue to be reduced - and with it the risk to pets and other wildlife as well as to stored foods."

Extensive scientific and field studies have enabled Sorex to give Fortec the greatest overall rodent appeal by formulating foraging grain pellets of the optimum size, shape and texture; by using the optimum concentration of the most attractive flavouring; and by incorporating them in the treated bait at a carefully researched optimum level.

The net result is a cut wheat bait which controlled trials show has a Palatability Ratio (the standard industry measure of field acceptance) nearly three times that of the market-leading Neosorexa formulation with rats and almost twice its level with mice.

Furthermore, field trials show average rat bait takes for the first two days of treatment averaging an impressive 86% of pre-baiting levels compared with 68% for highly-valued standard Neosorexa.

"By appealing more completely to their natural feeding behaviour, Neosorexa Gold overcomes rats' wariness far more effectively than standard baits," reports Sharon Hughes. "It also ensures rat and

mouse bait takes continue to be high even with the availability of other attractive food sources.

"We have no doubt this breakthrough will help UK farmers tackle the growing challenge of ensuring safer and more cost-effective rodent control to the best farm assurance standards."

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