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Stackyard News Oct 06

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    NBA action secures Dover-Calais export route for pedigree and
breeding cattle

The valuable P&O ferry route between Dover and Calais, the only daily transport link for livestock moving from Britain to Europe, remains open to pedigree cattle and genuine breeding stock following the successful intervention of the National Beef Association.


P&O Ferries

P&O Ferries had wanted to shut down the service, or limit it to single animal consignments, because there was no guarantee that some of the cattle on its boats were being transported for further finishing or slaughter.

However urgent talks between the NBA and P&O management resulted in a promise from the Association that the only cattle making the journey would be genuine breeding and milking animals and it will now act as sole booking agent for P&O so consignments can be properly screened.

“This was the only way that a regular transport route charging routine commercial rates could remain open,” explained NBA policy advisor, Kim Haywood.

“If the Dover-Calais route had shut down the only alternative would have been private ferry or air transport charter, at a huge cost per head, because health screened pedigree cattle must not mix with animals in other lorries and can only be shipped in single consignments.”

“There can be no doubt that without the P&O service the benefits flowing from the lifting of the export ban in March would have been denied the UK’s pedigree beef and dairy sectors.”

All livestock movements through P&O will be carried on the five daily, freight-only, crossings on the M/V European Seaway from Dover.

“To secure this route the NBA will act as agent for P&O and all bookings and payments must be put through the NBA’s Hexham office, which will only place one shipment on each sailing,” said Ms Haywood.

“The Association will only accept authenticated deliveries which means export agents who abuse this privilege will be refused travel with P&O and have to use expensive air transport or chartered ferries.”

”Documentary evidence of the proven status of the cattle intended for the P&O crossing is required and this will be cross referenced by the NBA for validity.”

P&O Ferries will not accept any international livestock movements on its northern, non-Calais, routes to the Continent because these crossings are judged to be too long for comfortable livestock transport.

Information on how to use the new booking system will be circulated to the industry soon.

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