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UK Cattle Breeders' Societies and Associations
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united kingdom     Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Society
Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Society
  The Aberdeen-Angus evolved during the early part of the 19th century from the hardy, black, polled cattle which populated North-east Scotland.
      ayrshire cows
Ayrshire Cattle Society,
  The Ayrshire Cattle Society of Great Britain & Ireland is based in the breed's home territory at Ayr in Scotland. Membership is now 1000 and the society has 23 affiliated local regional clubs.
British Bazadaise Cattle Society
  Bazadaise cattle are an easy calving but well-muscled beef breed from the Bazas area in SW France. In the UK numbers have steadily increased, being popular both with pedigree and commercial beef herds. Lighter birth weights also make them an excellent choice as a bull for the dairy herd.
      beef shorthorn
The Beef Shorthorn Cattle Society
  The Beef Shorthorn has a proud history as the oldest beef breed. Originating in the North of England and known world wide as 'The Great Improver', it was used as a pioneer breed in the developing beef producing countries.

Revision of NBA Terms and Conditions of Sale 2015-Jan-09
The National Beef Association, working closely with the pedigree sector, has revised its Terms and Conditions of Sale to make them more robust and workable for both purchasers and vendors of pedigree cattle.

Fantastic Trade at Longtown Suckler Sale 2011-Oct-04
The Cumberland and Dumfriesshire Farmers’ Mart had forward a catalogue entry of 875 suckled calves at their annual Longtown show and sale on Saturday 1st October 2011.

Hardy Blue Grey Cattle Thrive on Hadrian’s Wall 2011-Sep-28
Traditional Blue Grey cattle have fared well for four generations of a Northumberland family whose upland farm straddles Hadrian’s Wall.

      Belted Galloway Cattle Society Belted Galloway Cattle Society  
  Belted Galloways are a hardy breed that originated on the exposed uplands of Galloway, in the south west of Scotland.
Colours are black, dun, or red, all with the characteristic white belt, which completely encircles the body.
    British Blue Cattle Society
British Blue Cattle Society
   British Breeders imported Belgian Blues into the UK, in the early 1980’s. They recognised their future importance to the modern commercial beef market, being fine boned, heavily muscled, docile animals with tremendous growth potential, leading to a very high percentage of saleable meat.
      blonde d'aquitaine cattle
British Blonde Society
  There are approximately 8000 registered breeding cows in the U.K., owned by the 600 membership. Registrations of new births should total 2500 this year and the Society is maintaining this steady growth in numbers of around 1 - 2%.
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