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Stackyard News Feb 06

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Average NMR Milk Yield Breaks 8,000kg Barrier

Evaluator in action as part of new NMR service

Results just published in the NMR Annual Production Report for the year ending September 2005 show that average milk yield for all NMR-recorded cows is, for the first time, more than 8,000kg. With 92.5% of recorded lactations, the Holstein breed has an annual average of 8,212kg - up 106kg from the previous year.

While all breeds accounting for 1% or more of lactations increased average milk yield, the Guernsey breed showed the biggest increase in 2004/05 compared with the previous year, adding 133kg to its average to stand now at 5,554kg. This is a 2.5% increase in average yield for Guernseys compared with a 1.3% increase for the Holstein breed.

The average yield of NMR recorded herds, which accounts for 60% of all dairy cows in Britain, has increased by 14.5% in the past five years. Leading the increase is the Holstein breed where average milk yield has increased by 15.4%.

Average fat percent has also increased in all the main breeds and although the British Friesian only represents 0.8% of total lactations, the breed shows the largest increase in fat to 4.06% - a rise of 0.9% - putting them well ahead of the Holstein average that is now 3.85%. Protein levels have dropped or remained static across the board.

Somatic cell counts have continued their upward trend during the year - the only main breed to have deviated from this is the Jersey where cell counts have fallen slightly. Average cell count for all NMR herds is 193,000/ml, with the Holstein averaging 194,00 cells/ml - up from 187,000 in 2003/04. The average cell count for the Guernsey is 200,000/ml. Of the pure dairy breeds, the Shorthorn and Montbeliarde have the lowest average cell count at 167,000 and 168,000 respectively.

Customers can get access to national and their county rankings by contacting NMR on 08457 660236 for their unique PIN number. Farmers without access to the Internet can request a simple printed format of national tables and their county.

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