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Improved Ration Control on Kuhn Diet Feeders

Greater precision in ration formulation and feeding is now possible across Kuhn’s range of Euromix and Profile diet feeders due to developments in the company’s electronic weighing and data management systems.

Kuhn Profile with digital weigh display

  Vicon RO-EDW GEOspread spreader

The KDW 340 programmable weighing facility links to weigh cells on the diet feeder to allow ration components to be loaded accurately and the loading to be monitored easily from a backlit liquid crystal display. Sufficient memory is available for 200 different ration components (e.g. 25 different rations with 8 ingredients each) with required accuracy adjustable down to 0.5kg per ingredient.

The system allows maximum flexibility by enabling loads to be programmed according to the ration allocation per animal, or by the percentage of each ingredient per load or by actual weight of ingredient per load. The KDW 340 automatically calculates the amount of each ingredient required whenever number of animals or load size varies. An alarm system operates to warn of over-loading of ingredients and also to alert the operator to the risk of over-mixing.

The KDW 340 can operate in tandem with the KDR 400, a wireless secondary display that can be fitted in the loading vehicle to make ration control and management even easier and more convenient.

To take feeding management a step further, data transfer is now possible on Kuhn machines using the TMR Tracker. Once the software is loaded onto the farm’s office or mobile computer, this system allows transfer of information with a USB memory device to and from the diet feeder. This system ensures valuable data is retained and managed within the security of the farm’s central information system for reasons of efficiency, convenience and traceability.

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