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New Minerals from Denis Brinicombe Group

Improved nutritional specifications, feeding versatility and excellent palatability are the central benefits on offer from a comprehensive new vitamin and mineral product range being launched by the Denis Brinicombe Group.

The new 13-product mineral range from Denis Brinicombe Group allows dairy, beef and sheep producers to meet the nutritional requirements of their livestock regardless of feeding scenario or ration type.

DGB minerals

The broad 13-product portfolio incorporates updated specifications, higher quality raw materials and allows dairy, beef and sheep producers to meet the nutritional requirements of their livestock regardless of feeding scenario or ration type.

“We wanted to meet our customers’ needs for a dedicated range of high specification vitamin and mineral products designed to meet a wide variety of farm and livestock requirements. In rationalising our existing Chapman and Stockmin ranges, we are confident this new portfolio of products will deliver the benefits modern farmers are looking for,” said Keith Grieg from the Denis Brinicombe Group.

Cattle specifications include two specific dairy cow minerals, seasonal products such as Hi Mag to deliver magnesium at critical times of the year and three different growing cattle formulations. Sheep specifications incorporate pre and post lambing products, as well as the highly molassed Fertility Tup mineral with elevated levels of phosphorus, selenium, manganese and zinc designed to optimise mineral nutrient status during the crucial tupping period.

The new mineral range also includes three specialist formulations. Moist Feeds, Roots & Straw is designed for rations notoriously low in trace mineral and vitamin levels, including extra sulphur to ensure maximum utilisation where ammonia treated straw may be fed. Rumen Buffer with added zinc is targeted at acidic rations, with Iosel Salt of particular value on farms where selenium and iodine are deficient.

All the new minerals include molasses coupled with distinctive aromas and spices to ensure excellent acceptance by ruminant livestock. The range is suitable for in-feed or free access feeding and is fully waterproofed for outside use.

Further details on the new mineral and vitamin product range are available by calling 0800 374 325.

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