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    Increasing Efficiency by Replacing Old Wind Farms

Early wind farms built in the 1990s used much smaller wind turbines than those used today. They were typically between just 400 to 600 KW compared to new on shore turbines which can be anywhere between 2 and 3MW.

wind turbines

Wind farm companies are looking to obtain planning permission to take down existing turbines and replant using larger, more efficient turbines which can often more than double the output of the site.

In some cases the companies aim to extend the site onto adjoining land, sometimes on third party land, and access issues can arise under which the original landowner can charge a ransom payment for access.

Usually, a wind farm company looks for a new 25 year lease and, as the new turbines are not likely to be on the same footprint as the old lease, this gives the owner the opportunity to renegotiate a new lease with much better financial and other terms.

Mark Newton has dealt with some cases where the rents were originally for a fixed sum per turbine. However, under the new arrangement, they are increasing by more than 10 times the original rent. For further information, please contact Mark Newton on 01858 411215 or e mail

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