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    Surge in Demand for Calcified Seaweed Fertiliser

The arrival on the UK market of a new calcified seaweed fertiliser and a surge of farmer enquiries about the material has led to the appointment of a specialist agent for the product.

Farmers are now appreciating that
SeaCal is very different from the previously available material.

SeaCal spreading

Kevin Geddes Agri is now handling nationwide distribution of the new SeaCal seaweed source, which is being harvested off coast of Ireland and Iceland by Celtic Sea Minerals.

“Farmers used to the value of calcified seaweed as an acid soil corrector have been quick to secure supplies of the new product. However, they are now appreciating that SeaCal is very different from the previously available material,” Kevin Geddes says.

“The other material used to be very wet, lumpy and variable in quality, often requiring a contractor with a lime spreading machine to handle it. But this new SeaCal product – although essentially the same raw material – has been graded, washed and dried to produce a purer, more consistent, granular product that can be handled by farmers themselves through a standard spinning-disc fertiliser spreader.”

Kevin Geddes points out that SeaCal only needs to be applied once every three years, which brings the cost of application down to £11.00/acre/year. “Applying calcified seaweed raise soil pH, with studies showing that SeaCal can improve N, P and K availability by 16%, 8% and 30% respectively. With chemical fertiliser prices continuing to escalate this is a significant benefit.”

For more details on the calcified seaweed source, contact Kevin Geddes on 07721 861664 or call Celtic Sea Minerals on + 353 21 4378377.

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