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Downland Launches Premadex Pour-On Endectocide for Cattle

Downland Marketing Ltd, an established network of experienced animal health merchants and veterinary pharmacists, has recently expanded its range of animal health products in the UK with the launch of a new, ivermectin-based endectocide, Premadex Pour-On for cattle.


Premadex Pour-On for cattle effectively and economically treats roundworms, lungworms, warbles, mites and lice. The product is applied at the rate of 1ml per 10kg body weight. Competitively priced, Premadex Pour-On is available in a range of pack sizes to suit every farm situation. The 1-litre pack is self-dispensing, while the 2.5-litre and 5-litre back packs are best applied with Downland’s exclusive Premadex Pour-On gun.

Trial work with this ivermectin formulation, has demonstrated that the efficacy of Premadex Pour-On, in controlling nematode infections, is unaffected by rainfall; which is reassuring to know, with the UK’s unpredictable climate.

Manufactured by Virbac Ltd, Premadex Pour-On is the first in a new range of ivermectin products for cattle, pigs and sheep that Downland plan to launch. The products are available from around 30, independent franchisees, operating throughout the UK.

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