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Stackyard News Nov 08

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    Fair Trade Forum and Farming Union Join Forces

The National Farmers’ Union Scotland (NFUS) and the Scottish Fair Trade Forum (SFTF) have this week come together to promote their desire for a fair deal for food producers, whether in Scotland or in the developing world.

Jim McLaren,
NFU Scotland President

Jim McLaren

The two organisations share a goal of ensuring producers are paid a fair price for their goods, allowing them to operate sustainably, regardless of where in the world they farm. NFUS focuses on working to achieve this in Scotland and the SFTF works to achieve this in the developing world, through Scotland’s campaign to become one of the world’s first Fair Trade Nations.

Jim McLaren, NFU Scotland President, said:

“At first, Fairtrade and Scottish farming might seem unlikely bedfellows since Fairtrade is generally associated with the developing world.

“In reality however, NFUS and the SFTF share key common values. We both work to ensure food is produced in a manner that promotes and enhances the sustainability of agriculture and the wellbeing of families who rely on it. We both want a ‘Fair Deal’ for producers, whether for farmers in Scotland or in places like Malawi.

“We understand the majority of farmers here are in a far more favourable financial position than many producers in the developing world, but we believe that all producers have a right to a fair deal for their produce.

“We very much believe that consumers can kill two birds with one stone here. They can support Fairtrade and all that it represents whilst also sourcing local Scottish produce and supporting home-grown industry. Fairtrade and local sourcing go hand in hand and both contribute towards long-term sustainable agriculture.”

John McAllion, Chair of the Scottish Fair Trade Forum, added:

“Scotland currently has a campaign to become one of the world’s first Fair Trade Nations, led by the Scottish Fair Trade Forum. While working to achieve a set of criteria to make that happen, our greater aim is to embed a commitment to fairness at all levels of Scottish society.

“There need be no conflict between buying Fairtrade and buying local produce. Buy local meat, potatoes and dairy products to support your local economy and buy quality Fairtrade coffee, tea and other products that can’t be grown locally to help Fairtrade producers in the developing world get a fair deal.

“In tough economic times like this, buying local and Fairtrade goods is a sure way to get quality products while knowing that you are also supporting sustainable community and environmental development that impacts all of us positively in the long-run.”

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