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Stackyard News Dec 07

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Longtown Primestock Sale

The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart P.L.C. had forward 60 prime cattle, 0 young bulls, 2 OTM cattle, 4,882 prime lambs and 3,488 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 27th December, 2007.

Prime cattle met a brisk trade, selling to a top of 135.5p twice for Limousin and Charolais heifers from J. & N. Blaylock & Son, Hallburn to Messrs Bosomworth, Paisley and M.J. Wharton, Blackbrow, other Charolais heifers to 133.5p Hallburn, 130.5p, 129.5p Sceughdyke; Limousin 129.5p Hallburn and Houghton House, 128.5p Englishtown and Slealands. Charolais bullocks to 134.5p Maulscastle Farming, 128.5p Hallburn and Sceughdyke; Limousin 133.5p Hallburn, 132.5p Maulscastle, 129.5p, 128.5p The Gill; Saler 131.5p (x2), 123.5p Hallburn.

OTM cattle sold to 81.5p and 80.5p for Limousin heifers from Wyliehole.

longtown prime sheep

There were 4,882 prime lambs forward at Longtown on Thursday where a full ringside of buyers ensured last weeks trade was upheld and bettered to average 104.2p overall.

The sale was topped at £54.20 per head and 134.5p per kilo for Beltex’s from Allanshaws. Texel £53.20 Guards Mill, £52.80 The Yett and Croglin Low Hall; Suffolk £52.20 Croglin Low Hall; Charollais £51.20, £49.80 Whitehead Hill; Cheviot £46.80 Sorbie; North Country Cheviot £46.20, £44.20 Allanshaws; Greyface £45.20 Maxton House, £45 East Mains; Cheviot Mule £45.20 High Stenries; Leicester £44.50 Wanwood Hill; Lleyn £43.80 Glebelands; Blackface £43.20 Stooprigg; Oxford £37.80 Guards; Shetland £37.80 Mossknowe; Half Bred £37.80 Maxton House; Kendal Rough £36.80 Churchview.

Light lambs were in short supply and were easily sold to a top of £43.20 for Texels from Hilltop; Cheviot £39.20 Maxton House; Suffolk £38.80 Front Street; Charollais £36.20 Hallburn; Greyface £36.20 Churchview; Shetland £36.20 Mossknowe; Blackface £35.80 Clonrae; Swaledale £32.20 Maxton House; Herdwick £27.80 Kinning Hall.

The 3,031 cast ewes and rams attracted more buyers with trade up £2 to £5 on the week with numbers short of requirements. Top price of £72.50 for heavy Texel ewes from Grey Peel, others to £70.50 Tiffenthwaite and Beckhouse, £68.50 Ballyclare; Charollais £66.50 Tiffenthwaite; North Country Cheviot £54.50 Allanshaws; Beltex £62.50 Ballyclare; Suffolk cross £54.50 Greenknowe; Leicester £51.50 Brisco Hill and Culquhasen; Cheviot Mule £51.50 Muircleugh; Suffolk £50.50 Huntington; Half Bred £49.50 Huntington; Bleu d’Maine £47 Mountfield; Greyface £42.50 Lydden, £41.50 Greenknowe, £40.50 Culquhasen.

Hill ewes to £38.50 for Cheviots from The Glen; Blackface £33.50 Woodslee, £30.50 Quarry House, £29.50 Tenter House; Swaledale £30.50 Newbiggen (Lumley), £27.50 Roundmeadows; Shetland £26.50 Stackbraes. Rams to £56.50 for Texels from Ballyclare; Leicester £55.50 Walkergate; Suffolk £53.50 Jacksons Rigg; Cheviot £49.50 Roachburn; Lleyn £45.50 Walkergate; Blackface £35.50 Walkergate; Swaledale £23.50 Naddle.


Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to 118.5p (116.1p)
Heavy to 134.5p (125.7p)

Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to 129.5p (116.9p)
Heavy to 135.5p (122.0p)

Light to 120.0p ( 99.0p)
Standard to 127.0p (108.8p)
Medium to 134.5p (104.8p)
Heavy to 108.0p ( 98.6p)
Others to 99.6p ( 88.7p)

Light to £38.50 (£20.43)
Heavy to £72.50 (£37.31)

Cast Rams £56.50 (£37.61)

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