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Multi-Purpose Handler from Landini is a Versatile Power Unit

One of the most versatile and innovative machines unveiled to farmers at the Royal Highland Show this week is on the Landini stand where the PowerLift handler-tractor made its debut.

Landini PowerLift can work as a high-performance telescopic handler with more then enough reach and lift height for field and yard loading and handling duties.

landini powerlift

This machine is built as a high-performance telescopic handler that can lift a 3.5 tonne bucketful of grain and place big straw bales on a field stack 8.6m high. But thanks to its rear-mounted implement linkage, mechanical pto and locking rear axle differential, it can also work as a tractor.

Although Landini anticipates interest in the machine from mid-size arable units, it believes the PowerLift has most potential on dairy and other livestock farms where labour is at a premium and investment in productive machinery is critical.

“In many cases, a farmer thinking of buying a new mid-range tractor and a new telehandler could replace both with a PowerLift and make a significant saving in purchase and running costs,” says Landini product specialist Tony Burgess. “It has enough engine and hydraulic power, as well as features and equipment, to work well in both roles.”

As a loading and handling vehicle, the PowerLift’s three-section telescopic boom will outperform many standard telehandlers thanks to its 3.5 tonne maximum lift capacity, 8.6m lift height and 5.6m forward reach. It will easily fill a seed drill’s hopper from a bulk bag by reaching across a bank of coulters or stack bales high for efficient field or yard storage.

As a tractor, the PowerLift can use its three-speed hybrid powershift-hydrostatic transmission to tackle draft work, such as pulling light cultivation implements and grass harrows. But it can also be used with pto-driven machinery such as a power harrow or grass rake, a straw blower or diet feeder or a hay and silage baler.

On top of these novel capabilities, the Landini PowerLift has another trick up its sleeve – a reversible driving position.

“The operator can turn the seat and controls around and set the steering to operate what is now the front axle,” explains Tony Burgess. “Front-mounted equipment like mowers can then be used without running over the grass first and the operator gets an excellent view of his work; the same applies when the machine is used hedge cutting and similar operations.”

The Landini PowerLift has a 150hp SisuDiesel engine coupled to a three-speed gearbox and hydrostatic drive, which provides a choice of velocities to suit different types of work, including transport with a 40kph top speed.

Four-wheel drive delivers plenty of traction while the four-wheel steering gives the machine tight turns in fields, yards and buildings. For predictable driving characteristics, especially on the road, the driver can engage two-wheel steering at the leading axle – whichever way the machine is heading.

“The PowerLift has a unique combination of features that makes it more usable and more versatile than any similar machine,” says Tony Burgess of Landini. “It won’t be a machine for everyone but it will certainly meet the needs of farmers who like the idea of trading-in a tractor and conventional handler for one multi-tasking machine.”

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