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Stackyard News Dec 06

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New engines give McCormick XTX and ZTX tractors a lift

Changes to the power units used in latest versions of the McCormick XTX and ZTX tractors not only meet latest ‘green’ exhaust emissions rules but also give the Tractor of the Year 2006 title winner more power and torque for added performance.

McCormick XTX

McCormick XTX

As Paul Wade, McCormick technical specialist explains: “Like all tractor manufacturers, McCormick is progressively switching to engines that use advanced technologies to reduce the polluting gases that diesel engines produce. In our case, the engine changes are also providing more performance for some models.”

McCormick XTX
Being a new design, the 6.7-litre McCormick BetaPower engine that powers the XTX tractors needs few modifications to meet the latest emissions standards. The piston bowl design has been changed slightly and the engine’s electronic fuel injection control system re-programmed to alter the combustion process and remove a significant proportion of undesirable gases.

Power and torque outputs for the XTX185 are unchanged; it has 126kW (171hp) for draft work and 146kW (198hp) with the ‘power boost’ feature activated for transport and pto work. Engine performance for the XTX200 is also similar; it has 146kW (198hp) for draft work and up to 157kW (213hp) for pto operations.

However, the range-leading McCormick XTX215 – voted Tractor of the Year 2006 by a panel of expert judges from across Europe – gets increased power and torque outputs.

“Previously, this tractor was powered by a 5.9-litre Cummins QSB engine; now it has the same larger capacity BetaPower engine used by the other XTX models,” explains Paul Wade. “This engine was developed by a consortium of leading diesel manufacturers, including Cummins, and is assembled to McCormick’s specifications.”

Power at 2200rpm rated speed and when the ‘power boost’ feature is activated for pto implements – 165kW (225hp) is much the same as before. But the engine has improved performance for handling heavy draft implements such as ploughs, cultivators and wide seed drills because as the engine speed is pulled down under full load, the power curve climbs 5% or 8kW (11hp) higher than before to 157kW (213hp).

Paul Wade adds: “At the same time, the engine develops 6% (50Nm) more torque, so the end result is an engine that puts more muscle in the driver’s hands for increased productivity with heavy draft implements.”

McCormick ZTX

McCormick ZTX

McCormick ZTX
Latest versions of the McCormick ZTX heavy-weight tractor now coming off the Doncaster assembly line in England are fitted with an upgraded version of the Cummins QSC8.3 six-cylinder engine that meets Tier 3 exhaust emissions regulations.

“We have the engine tuned to give much the same peak power and torque outputs as before – 172kW, 194kW and 209kW (230hp, 250hp and 280hp) at 2000rpm, with high outputs of maximum torque developed at 1400rpm,” explains McCormick’s Paul Wade. “But changing from an electronic fuel pump to full authority electronic engine management and common-rail fuel injection has improved the power and torque delivery characteristics, so there is an improvement in usable performance.”

No modifications are needed to the ZTX bodywork to accommodate the engine as it was designed from the outset to provide sufficient airflow to cool a Tier 3 compliant motor. So the newest version can most easily be recognised by a new cab roof panel, which it shares with the McCormick XTX models.

Apart from looking more stylish, the design incorporates an extra filter for improved airflow to help keep the driver cool during long periods at the wheel.

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