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Case IH expands Axial-Flow Combine Range

Case IH will expand their flagship combine range in Season 2007,which marks the 30th anniversary of the introduction of the brand’s legendary Axial-Flow technology. The AFX8010 is extensively revised and renamed, becoming the Axial-Flow 8010 and is joined by a smaller sibling, the Axial-Flow 7010.

Case IH AFX 8010

This move reinforces Case IH's position in the high capacity rotary combine market, with the brand exiting the conventional combine market and concentrating purely on its own unique rotary technology. "In terms of capacity, the new Axial-Flow 7010 will sit between the 2388 X-Clusive and the new Axial-Flow 8010, providing our customers with greater choice," explains Case IH combine specialist, Basri Yildiz. "Case IH has committed itself to rotary combine production, and the Axial-Flow combine family represents the premier solution for high capacity, high quality grain harvesting."

"Axial-Flow is the best solution for enterprises such as the large scale arable farmers, concerned about maximising profit," explains Basri. "For such a business, the best financial solution increases income and reduces cost, which is exactly what the Axial-Flow achieves.

"By producing a high quality grain sample the Axial-Flow combine can generate more value from the harvested crop. The Axial-Flow can also drive down the costs associated with harvest thanks to the simple efficiency of the system, with its single rotor and simple driveline. Low fuel consumption and low maintenance costs due to few moving parts are complemented by low risk operation, as the driver is able to reverse the rotor if required, keeping the Axial-Flow cost-effective to support and run."

Two models to choose from

With grain farmers looking to reduce costs by farming more land with fewer combines, the Axial-Flow 7010 and 8010 offer power and uncomprised capacity. Case IH engineers have also played close attention to obtaining superior grain quality too, an area of significant importance when buyers are paying a premium for high quality crops. Axial-Flow combines offer customers a proven format that delivers a cost-effective approach to harvesting.

A 9.0litre six-cylinder, turbocharged and intercooled Case IH diesel engine powers the 394hp Axial-Flow 7010. A 10.3litre variant generates 455hp for the Axial-Flow 8010. A simple power rise feature on each unit ensures that as the engine speed drops under load, the engine is capable of delivering maximum power output at 1,950rpm, 150rpm less than rated speed. This new optimum power rise capability gives the new Axial-Flow 7010 an additional 40hp while the Axial-Flow 8010 benefits from an additional 50hp.

A wide choice of headers is available for both models with the option of the 2030, 2040 and 2050 Series grain headers and the 2100 Series corn headers.

The combines are fitted with a header recognition system that automatically adjusts the combine’s systems and controls to operate whichever header is fitted. All grain headers for the Axial-Flow also feature Case IH’s Terrain Tracker header control system as standard. Electro-mechanically controlled via sensors and skids under the header, this system is designed to keep the header parallel to the ground so that it automatically hugs the contours of the land.

The Axial-Flow 7010 features the same rotor technology that is at the heart of the Axial-Flow 8010. The simple design ensures reliability and quality as well as offering supreme crop adaptability. An impeller at the front of the rotor that progressively accelerates the crop to threshing speed, creating a vacuum that pulls both the crop and the dust into the rotor cage, helping improve the operator’s visibility in front of the header. The speed of the rotor is infinitely variable between 220rpm and 1,200rpm and is controlled from the cab allowing maximum productivity in any crop. The lightweight concaves and separation grates can also be easily accessed and interchanged to optimise the combine for grain, maize, beans or any other combinable crop.

The high centrifugal forces generated by the Axail-Flow's multiple-pass threshing and separating system provides a thorough separation process, ensuring all the grain reaches the 9000 litre tank of the Axial-Flow 7010 or 10,500 litre tank of the Axial-Flow 8010.

Enhanced features for Axial-Flow combines

Both Axial-Flow combines are aimed squarely at the proffessional grain harvesting market and boast a range of features to ensure high productivity and low cost of ownership. The Axial Flow 8010 builds on the unique, proven design of the AFX8010 and its feature set, including AFS Pro 600 touch screen display and Cruise-Cut auto guidance, is paralleled in the new Axial Flow 7010.

The AFS Pro 600 is a colour touch screen display, which replaces the existing Universal Display Plus. The vibrant new display offers all the information from Universal Display Plus, as well as the shaft speed information previously found in a separate monitor in the cab pillar, in an intuitive and easy-to-navigate layout. A PCMCIA memory card slot and adapter allows data to be recorded on to the 128Mb compact flash card provided, ideal for integration into Cases IH Advanced Farming System. The display can be removed and used for auto guidance functions in compatible Case IH tractors.

Auto guidance allows operators to concentrate on critical harvesting function and ensures that the Axial-Flow's header remains full. Reducing the number passes taken to complete a field saves both time and fuel costs. To keep the header operating at optimum width, the Axial-Flow is available with Case IH’s Cruise-Cut auto guidance system. Using a cab-mounted, laser scanner that can be set up to monitor either the left or right hand side of the header, the system automatically steers the combine from headland to headland by continuously monitoring the point where the standing crop meets the cut crop.

Although the steering wheel does not turn to match any adjustments that the Cruise-Cut system makes when it is engaged, moving the steering wheel disengages the auto-steering and returns the steering to operator control. The system also disengages automatically at the headland when the system can no longer recognise a line of standing crop to follow, and re-engages automatically when the standing crop is re-acquired upon returning to work.

The headland represents a significant increase in workload for the operator as the machine effectively comes to a halt and must then restart, requiring systems to be disengaged and then re-engaged. Case IH's headland routine function allows the driver to programme header reel position and cleaning fan speed. When exiting crop at the headland, the reel can be lowered to sweep the cutter bar, and the cleaning fan speed can be reduced to minimise cleaning system losses while the combine is turning. Once the Axial-Flow returns to the crop, the reel and fan speed automatically return to the operator's pre-sets and optimum efficiency is quickly resumed.

The redesigned unloading tube of the Axial-Flow eases the loading of trailers thanks to a modified discharge spout and auger flighting, which extends the full length of the tube. An increased effective discharge length of approximately 0.9m and a concentrated grain flow enables the combine operator to quickly and accurately fill the trailer.

Both the Axial-Flow 7010 and Axial-Flow 8010 benefit from Case IH engineer's attention to detail. From the proven headers and rotor technology to advanced cleaning systems and combine guidance aids, each process is aimed at providing the customer with the highest quality harvest in every crop, offering him the most cost-effective way to improve his business.

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