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Stackyard News Jan 06

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Guard Against Wet Straw In Lambing Sheds

mule ewes

Shepherds gearing up for lambing this season must counter the potential hygiene threat from damp straw bedding by using an absorbent bedding conditioner with added disinfectant.

Dr Alan Reeve from C&H Nutrition says any straw that was baled wet last autumn could still be harbouring harmful bacteria that could be a threat to young lambs.

“Lambs are born with no natural immunity to disease and only gain protection through the colostrum they take from the ewe. Consequently, the lambing environment must be as clean and dry as possible,” he says.

“Apart from potential wet straw dangers, it's also important to realise that a bacterial build up will have started as soon as the ewes were housed. It is essential that this is countered with an absorbent bedding conditioner with added disinfectant such as Dri Li Plus or lambs will pick up diseases such as joint and navel ill, watery mouth or even salmonella and E.coli infections.”

Dr Reeve says that the faster these harmful bacteria are knocked out, the lower losses will be throughout the lambing season.

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