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Stackyard News Nov 05

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Fendt tractors at Agrictechnica 2005

Fendt 312V
Fendt 312V

Fendt presents its complete product line at the Agritechnica in Hanover in November. In addition to the well-known tractor ranges, which have received new detail solutions, two new innovative tractor models in the 300 and 900 series will be exhibited at the Fendt stand. Fendt will also be showing new developments from the Harvesting Equipment Division. The Challenger track tractors from the AGCO Group are also represented; the new flagship from the high-horsepower 800 series will be launched at the Agritechnica.

Fendt tractors at the Agrictechnica 2005:
seven ranges – two new top models

The Fendt tractor line-up at the Agritechnica 2005 comprises seven ranges from 65 to 360 HP. The four versions of the 200 series – V and F, P and S – are offered in four power versions between 65 HP (49 kW) and 95 HP (70 kW). The 300 Ci tractors, with 30-inch tyres and a low roof version which starts at a construction height of 2.54 m, are available with 92 HP (68 kW), 98 HP (72 kW) and max. 112 HP (82 kW).
The 100 HP and under power range has been complemented with the Vario 400 series. With the 409 Vario, which has a maximum power output of 95 HP (70 kW), Fendt continues to be the only tractor manufacturer that offers a tractor under 100 HP with a stepless drive. The most powerful model of these four tractors from the 400 series is the 412 Vario with 128 HP (94 kW).

The 700 Vario tractors are available from 126 HP (93 kW) to 175 HP (129 kW). These tractors can be upgraded with both the VariotronicTI Headland Management System and TMS automatic engine-transmission control as an option, technology that is usually only found in high-horsepower tractors. The 800 Vario with 168 HP (124 kW) to 195 HP (144 kW) and the 900 Vario with 198 HP (146 kW) to 310 HP (228 kW), are standard-equipped with these features. All models are fully suited for the use of RME and are approved for them as well.

Both new top models from the Fendt 300 and 900 series are sure to draw attention at the Agritechnica 2005 in Hanover. The Fendt tractor line has been expanded to include the 312 Vario and 936 Vario models. Both of these models are completely new developments, which complement the existing Vario range perfectly.

The 312 Vario is a compact lightweight standard tractor with a full-fledged Vario transmission that is distinguished, among other things, by ease of operation. The tractors is rated at 110 HP (81 kW) and has a maximum output of 125 HP (92 kW) according to ECE R24.

With the 936 Vario, Fendt has brought a new universal high-horsepower tractor onto the market – a sprinter with a top speed of 60 km/h. Fendt Stability Control, FSC, guarantees optimum driving safety and far-reaching comfort. The speed dependent, self-activating system stabilizes the tractor by damping side-to-side movements. The new x5 cab with air-suspension and the Vario Center, which comprises a multi-function armrest and steering column unit, offer the driver the highest degree of working comfort. The 936 Vario is equipped with a 7.14 litre Deutz engine and is rated at 330 HP (243 kW) with a maximum output of 360 HP (265 kW) according to ECE R24.

New: Front axle suspension with level control
for the Fendt 200 P and 200 S compact tractors

The 200 P and 200 S compact tractors from Fendt will be available with an optional front axle suspension with level control mid-November 2005. Fendt is the first manufacturer that offers front axle suspension for compact tractors. Together with the integral Fendt Stability Control (FSC), these vehicles, ranging from 64 to 94 HP (48 to 69 kW), offer superior working comfort and highest driving safety.

Innovative improvements in the Vario ranges

Extensive improvements have also been made in the existing Vario range, where customer requests have been realized in series production. For example, starting mid-November, all Vario tractors will leave the assembly line equipped with a holder for the ball guide cone near the rear hydraulics.

Optional double connect-under-pressure couplings, which were introduced in the bigger Vario series in 2004, are now available for the 400 Vario. This technology allows easy coupling of hydraulic connections without oil leaks, irregardless if oil pressure on the coupling points is on the tractor or implement side.

The larger Fendt 900 Vario models will be available with category 4 lower links starting mid-November.

New Fendt seat offers maximum comfort

Starting mid-January 2006, the 700, 800 and 900 Vario series will be delivered with an optional new Fendt driver seat featuring active climate control. Result: the seat is comfortably tempered and keeps the driver's back dry. This seat features sensors and electronics for active weight adjustment. Fully automatic adaptation to the weight of the driver guarantees relaxed, healthy sitting position while working.

Strong front loader for the 700 and 800 Vario series

The Fendt front loader 3 S for the 700 and 800 Vario models will be replaced by the new 3 SX model. The new 3 SX has been substantially reinforced and adapted to increasing demands. For all 700 and 800 models, the version with lift cylinders with a 70 mm diameter (3 SX 70) will also be available, as for the previous 3 S model. For the 714 and 716 Vario as well as for all 800 Vario models, a version with a 75 mm diameter (3 SX 75) will also be available. The 3 SX 75 is distinguished by greater lifting power and faster loading and handling rates. That makes the tractor more economical during front loader operations. The new 3 SX models will be available in mid-November.

Innovations in Fendt harvesting equipment

In February of this year, Fendt presented its new combine generation – high-capacity machines from the E, C and 8000 series. Since the threshers have proven themselves impressively during their first harvesting season, and they have received an exceptionally positive response from our customers, Fendt will now also offer the Powerflow table for the 5270 C and 6300 C models – it was previously only reserved for the larger 8000 series.

The efficient Powerflow table features belts that are arranged between the knives and the auger in the floor of the table. Immediately after the crop is cut, these belts feed the crop to the auger and the crop elevator in a constant, even flow. The Powerflow tables are available in four working widths from 5.55 m and 6.15 m as well as 6.75 m and 7.70 m.

Fendt presents a completely new generation of variable round balers at the Agritechnica 2005 in Hanover. The new 2900 baler now joins the 2600 model. While the 2600 model produces bales with a 60 to 160 cm diameter, the 2900 model can produces bales with a diameter of 60 to 200 cm. Both Fendt balers have the same features, including the standard-equipped SCR system, which keeps belt drums free of accumulations under all working conditions. This makes these variable round balers optimally suited for all harvesting operations.

The Fendt square balers will be delivered with the new Power Pickup. This pickup system improves crop pickup and feed considerably. Result: optimized crop feed permits higher driving speeds, therefore the throughput capacity of the Fendt square balers increases sizeably.

Fendt StarService also for combines

The extensive Fendt StarService program will be available for all Fendt combines starting in 2006. Together with certified StarService dealers and distributors, Fendt will offer customers technically perfect support for combines, based on maintenance and service contracts, an extended warranty period as well as attractive financing and insurance offers – all from one source.

Fendt24 : a unique parts service
– available around the clock

From mid-May to October, Fendt dealers and distributors can place their orders 24 hours a day through the Service Hotline of the Fendt Spare Parts Service. Each order is processed immediately. The Service Hotline for German dealers and distributors is manned by qualified Fendt employees who are personally available for customers and guarantee that workshops are supplied with urgently required spare parts immediately.

Challenger track tractors with new top model
Innovative engine generation from Caterpillar

The AGCO track tractors from the Challenger brand are represented at the Agritechnica by a new top model: the MT B 75 with a maximum output of 600 HP (446 kW) according to ECE R 24, currently the most powerful tractor in the world, will be presented at the Agritechnica in Hanover. The MT 800 B series has a new, innovative engine generation from Caterpillar® featuring ACERTTM technology. The cab was also redesigned; the noise level was cut to 73 dB. Along with the Tractor Management Center, this provides the driver with optimum operating and working comfort.

link Fendt and Valtra join Massey Ferguson at Saltex 2005

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