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Stackyard News Sep 05

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    Agrosoft UK Ltd Announces Acquisition Of HM Boot

Agrosoft UK Ltd confirms that it has purchased the assets of pig recording business HM Boot from the administrator. The previous owners Oulston Computers Ltd were subject to an administration order in early August 2005.

Stephen Hall, Managing Director for Agrosoft UK Ltd believes that the acquisition will significantly benefit producers and the industry alike. "Producers are seeking a greater level of development and support from their pig management and recording systems. We see this acquisition as an exciting opportunity to deliver industry based technology to a larger producer base."

Stephen Hall continues, "Today we are writing to all current and past customers of HM Boot to explain this acquisition. Our immediate priority is to ensure that all users receive product support for their existing programmes and have a point of contact for any queries. The technology that drives our existing Agrosoft programmes is possibly the very latest available. It is our intention to use our experience and knowledge to improve the recording options for existing HM Boot customers."

In addition to providing pig business programmes to producers Agrosoft UK Ltd facilitates data transfer to industry initiatives such as benchmarking and pig health monitoring. The company believes that the acquisition of HM Boot will create a broader data set allowing a highly representative sample to reflect industry performance and trends.

"I believe that our commitment to harness the latest available technology will deliver significant benefits to UK producers. The acquisition of HM Boot is a very much part of our plan to extend our reach and service. We will announce further news and developments relating to this acquisition shortly, " concludes Mr Hall.

Agrosoft UK Ltd recently launched "Recording Review" a service for all UK pig producers allowing them to discuss their current plans and obtain advice from recording experts.

Time for Pig Producers to Review and Plan

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