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Stackyard News Apr 05

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Three new additions to the CLAAS 2006 combine line-up

New Claas Lexion 600 takes combining to new output levels

High-Tech Combine Harvesters now available from Krasnodar

Claas MEGA 360
Claas MEGA 360

An entirely new project is on display at this year's Hanover Fair. In the Russian Federation pavilion, Claas, one of the world's leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery, is exhibiting a model of a factory in the Krasnodar region, which is an example of the German-Russian technology sharing initiative.

The company, officially opened in May in the suburbs of Krasnodar, will in future provide the Russian Federation with modern, high-tech combine-harvesters. The Claas Group has invested 20 million Euros in the construction and operation of the combine-harvester production plant. If the business develops successfully, the investments could grow to over 30 million Euros within the next few years. Around 200 combine-harvesters, models MEGA 350 and MEGA 360, are being built in Krasnodar for the 2005 harvest.

The factory in Russia is part of an international production network, supplying the Russian Federation with modern, high-tech combine-harvesters. This creates jobs in Russia, whilst improving production quality in Russian agriculture.

It also generates additional volumes in the German Claas production plant, as the majority of components for the agricultural machinery are produced in Germany and end up on-site in Krasnodar for final assembly. The new company is thus an expression of a German/Russian win-win partnership.

Combine harvesters of the MEGA line are going         to be produced in the new Claas factory in Krasnodar. [MEGA 350]
Combine harvesters of the MEGA line are going to be produced in the new Claas factory in Krasnodar. [MEGA 350]

Claas in Russia since 1992

Claas has been successfully involved in the markets of the Russian Federation since 1992, with its own representation in Moscow, backed up by a highly developed service and distribution network. The German company has operated a central spare parts store through the company Claas Vostok since 1999. It supports the dealer network, which works very closely with the customers, providing service and spare parts quickly and reliably.

To be in a position to further improve the supply of modern machinery to Russian agriculture, the next step will be to build a factory for the production of combine-harvesters.

The framework investment agreement between Krasnodar management and Claas is a leading project for German-Russian cooperation. With its new production facilities, Claas is underlining its intention to participate over the long term in the development of Russian agriculture.

The Claas Group 2005

Class is one of the leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery in the world. One in three combine harvesters purchased in Europe is made by the company, with headquarters in Harsewinkel in North Rhein Westfalia, Germany. Claas is world market leader with its second largest product group, the self-propelled forage harvester.

The Class group holds a top position in global agricultural engineering, with five German and five foreign production companies, thanks not only to its combine-harvesters and forage harvesters, but also to its agricultural balers and grassland harvest machinery. The product range also includes modern system, transportation and towing machinery, as well as the latest agricultural information technology. Claas production facilities for industrial and production engineering also supply non-agricultural components or systems required by the group itself, as well as for the automobile and aviation industries all over the world.

A thriving company

Overall, the Class group has gone through an extraordinary period of growth in recent years. Turnover increased from around 500 million Euros at the start of the 1990s to almost 2 billion Euros in the financial year 2004. Claas employ around 8,000 employees around the globe and export sales account for around 70 % of total turnover.

Last year, the Claas group experienced exponential growth. Following the majority takeover of the French tractor manufacturers Renault Agriculture, Claas now offers a range of modern tractors in its sales program.

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