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pedigree cattle breeders associations and societies in Canada
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canadian dairy cattle     Canadian Beef Breeds Council Canadian Beef Breeds Council  
  The CBBC is a non-profit association that represents the Canadian purebred cattle industry. Its members include national breed associations that in turn represent more that 10,000 producers of breeding stock, as well as exporters/service providers.
      canadian angus Canadian Aberdeen Angus Association  
  Angus animals arrived in Montreal, Quebec by 1860 and some landed in Victoria, BC in 1874.
      ayshire canada logo Ayrshire Canada  
  The breed arrival in Canada was at the beginning of 1800 through Scottish colonisers.
      cbb logo Canadian Belgian Blue Association  
  In the mid 1970s, the first Belgian Blues were imported to Canada from Europe. These animals are small boned, large bodied with double muscling, a sloping rump, hidden hips, and strong legs. The Belgian Blue is quite robust, docile and healthy. Quality Belgian Blue Beef breeding stock may be obtained from any Canadian Belgian Blue Association Member.
      ontario Ontario Blonde d'Aquitaine Association  
  Blondes were first imported into Ontario in 1972 and the Association's initial meeting was held in 1975 at Waterloo Ontario.
      canadian ba Canadian Blonde d'Aquitaine Association  
  Since the breed was first introduced into Canada in the early 70s, Canadian breeders have worked hard to bring the breed forward to the 21st Century.
      Canadian Brown Swiss & Braunvieh Association Canadian Brown Swiss & Braunvieh Association  
  The first Brown Swiss in Canada were imported to the Eastern townships of Quebec from the United States in 1888.
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Canadian Belgian Blue Association Expands 08/03/06
The Canadian Belgian Blue Association (CBBA) launches its new website as it expands its activities and visibility in the Canadian cattle market.