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Stackyard News Mar 06

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Canadian Belgian Blue Association Expands

The Canadian Belgian Blue Association (CBBA) launched its new website,, as it expands its activities and visibility in the Canadian cattle market.

Canadian Belgian Blue Association

Newly elected President Mark Hodges, a Manitoba-based Belgian Blue Beef (BBB) breeder, is “thrilled to see the Canadian BBB industry reach the point where we can have our own portal on the web.  We’ve at a crossroads where production from current BBB breeders in Canada just can’t keep up with demand for our double-muscled cattle genetics and naturally lean meat products for consumers.  Our three Carcass wins at the Canadian Western Agribition had a big impact on the demand for BBB.”  The bilingual website reflects the large number of BBB breeders in the province of Quebec.  Members and non-members can post cattle for sale on the site, a first for a BBB association in North America.

Marie Goubau, CBBA Director, and one of the first Belgian Blue breeders in Canada concurs “I get requests every week from breeders in Canada and abroad, including the US, South America and Europe, looking to buy Canadian BBB bulls and genetic materials.  We’ve got an excellent reputation worldwide for providing muscling to the dairy industry, easy-calving BBB bulls and yielding more meat, even on crossbreds.”  She continues, “we know there are more BBB breeders in Canada and potential breeders looking for a way to make a bit more revenue with their cattle who just haven’t been educated about our breed or are not aware of our association.”

The new Board of Directors is going all out with a national advertising campaign, keeping in mind their small-association budget.  Ruth Hill a Wiseton Saskatchewan BBB breeder and CBBA Past President, adds, “the web is one of the most cost-efficient methods we can use to get the word out - Canadian breeders, Beef Up Your Herds with Belgian Blue Beef and join your National Association today!”

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