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Canadian Cattle Breeders Societies and Associations
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canada     canadian charolais logo Canadian Charolais Association  
  As the first exotic beef breed in Canada, Charolais soon revolutionized the industry and set the stage for some of the most successful genetics in the world.
      alberta charolais Alberta Charolais Association  
  The Alberta Charolais Association (A.C.A.) currently has close to 600 members, many of whom have been breeding Charolais cattle for more than 40 years.
      Canadian Dexter Cattle Association The Canadian Dexter Cattle Association  
  The Association was formed in 1986 by a group of Ontario Dexter owners and now has 133 members across Canada and over 1260 animals registered in the herd book.
      Canadian Galloway Association Canadian Galloway Association  
  The Association promotes and regulates the breeding of Galloways, Belted Galloways and White Galloways as three separate breeds in three separate sections of the same herd book. The first Galloway came to Canada in 1853, and registration of these cattle began in 1872.
      Canadian Gelbvieh Association
Canadian Gelbvieh Association
  The Canadian Gelbvieh (pronounced Gelp-fee, German meaning "yellow cow") Association (CGA) is a non-profit, member regulated organization, dedicated to the promotion and improvement of Gelbvieh cattle.
      canadian guernsey Canadian Guernsey Association  
  Guernseys were first imported to Canada by Sir John Abbott, a former Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture for Canada, in the year 1878.
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