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australia     Maine-Anjou Society of Australia
Maine-Anjou Society of Australia
  Maine-Anjou was introduced into Australia in 1973. Now in all States Maine-Anjou has distinguished itself by remarkable records in carcase evaluation tests, steer competitions and in Ausmeat Beef Trials.
      The Murray Grey Beef Cattle Society  
  Australia's beef cattle breed, the Murray Grey, originated in the upper Murray Valley on the New South Wales/Victorian border.
      Romagnola Breeders Society
Romagnola Breeders Society

International interest in the Romagnola has been steadily increasing since the first cattle left Italy for Scotland in the early 1970's. Today the breed is present in Great Britain, Ireland, North and South America, Australia, New Zealand and Africa.

      Australian Salers Association
Australian Salers Association
  Salers bulls have been used over all the major British and Bos Indicus breeds in Australia with impressive results. Lines of uniform cattle have been produced which bring premiums in the saleyards or on the hook.
      australian santa gertrudis
Santa Gertrudis Breeders (Australia) Association
  Necessity brought about the development of the Santa Gertrudis breed in the United States of America. Through genetic engineering and Australian beef cattle management skills, this has progressed to what is now one of the major true beef breeds of Australia.
      auslogo Simmental Australia  
  The Simmental breed was introduced to Australia in 1972. One-stop information site for Simmental and Simbrah breeds in Australia. Pedigrees, genetic evaluations, stock sales, stud breeders and technical information.
      Australian Wagyu Breeders Australian Wagyu Breeders Association Limited  
  When Wagyu are crossed with Angus, Murray Grey, Shorthorn and Holstein cattle, the superior B3 meat produced is highly regarded in Japan.
      Australian Welsh Black Society
Australian Welsh Black Society
  First imported into Australia from New Zealand in 1984, there are now breeders in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania and South Australia. Genetics have been imported into Australia from Wales, New Zealand and Canada as semen and embryos. Australian genetics have also recently been exported worldwide.
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