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Australian Cattle Registries and Associations
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australia     brazilian devon cattle Devon Cattle Breeders Society of Australia  
  The success of the Devon breed in Australia is associated with the ability to produce top quality beef, both straightbred and as a cross, under varying climatic conditions.
      dexter australia Dexter Cattle Australia Inc.  
  Dexters are a true dual purpose breed of cattle, which originated in Ireland and have a long history with records dating from the 18th century. Dexters were first introduced into Australia in the 1880s and have enjoyed an Australia-wide revival since the mid 1980s.
      aus galloway Australian Galloway Association  
  In Australia there is evidence of Galloways being here as early as 1858, when Galloways were shown at the Port Phillip Farmers Society Show.  However it wasn't until 1951, after the importation of Galloways from Scotland, that a registering body was formed.
      australian gelbvieh association
Australian Gelbvieh Association
  Gelbvieh was a late-comer to Australia, arriving only in 1989. Since then, around 7,000 animals have been registered, and there are more than 250 members in the Australian Gelbvieh Association.
      The Queensland Branch - Australian Gelbvieh Association
The Queensland Branch - Australian Gelbvieh Association
  The Gelbvieh breed began it's assault on becoming the preferred Euro alternative for productive crossbreeding programs in Queensland, in the early 1990's. Gelbvieh cattle have since put their stamp on productivity in Queensland herds, from the southern border to the tropical north.
      Hereford Australia Herefords Australia Limited  
  Herefords Australia Limited's mission is to return the Hereford breed to a position of pre-eminence in the national herd, recognised as a superior stud and commercial breed by all segments of Australian beef production.
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