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Australian Cattle Associations & Registries
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    Australian Miniature Hereford Network Australian Miniature Hereford Network  
  The Australian Miniature Hereford Network is a group of breeders dedicated to developing the miniature Hereford sector worldwide. The network provides new breeders with access to quality stud breeding cattle and embryos and semen.
      australian highland cattle Australian Highland Cattle Society Inc.  
  Highland cattle were imported into Australia by various Scottish migrants in the middle of the Nineteenth Century.
      Holstein Australia Holstein Australia  
  The Holstein Friesian Association of Australia (Holstein Australia) was established in 1914. The Association exists primarily for the benefit of the Holstein breed and the members, who are 3,000 farmers and members generally owning, breeding or having interest in Holsteins.
      jersey breeders The Australian Jersey Breeders Society  
  It is believed that the first Jerseys came to Australia as "ship cows". The first actual reference to Jerseys dates back to 1829.
      australian limousin The Australian Limousin Breeders Society  
  The first Limousin cross calf in Australia was born in 1973 and the first full-blood Limousins arrived in Australia in 1975.
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