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Amazone at Cereals 2012

Amazone Ltd will adopt the theme ‘more in-field efficiency’ at the forthcoming Cereals 2012 Show at Boothby Graffoe, Lincoln.

When it comes to solo drills, Amazone have the most comprehensive range from 6 metres through to 15 metres.

Amazone Citan 6000

Farming is still under pressure from increasing input prices and relatively volatile commodity prices and so making the job more efficient is still the order of the day. To help with that efficiency drive, Amazone Ltd will have on show a plethora of new products and improvements, the highlights of which are as follows:-

Citan 6000

The new Citan 6000, on show for the first time, offers high output drilling, a large hopper capacity but with a minimum of horsepower requirement. Most arable farmers are producing top quality seedbeds ahead of the drill; year’s of min-till cultivation techniques are now paying off with good, friable, well-draining soils offering a higher and higher degree of organic matter and moisture retention. Combining the drilling operation with yet another cultivation becomes unnecessary and is just an added cost in time, diesel and wearing metal. The trend here is then to do away with the cultivation on the drill and go for a wider, faster easier to pull solo drill.

The Citan 6000 is just one of a range of trailed solo drills from 6 metres through to 15 metres, the 12m and 15m having the option of sowing fertiliser and grain together.

Condor 15001

Amazone Condor 15001
Condor 15001

One means of looking at increasing efficiency yet further is to go away from prior cultivation and adopt a direct drilling technique. With changing rainfall patterns and soil moisture conservation becoming a consideration, moisture-loss hungry cultivation passes can mean patchy, slow germination and reduced yields through late root development and poor plant counts. Direct drilling offers also reduced soil disturbance and so protects soil moisture and can also reduced weed germination by flashing light to buried weed seeds. The Condor 15001 is just one of a range of direct drills from Amazone from 3 metres through to 15 metres. Based around the ConTec tine coulter for a trash-free seed slot, each individual coulter is able to contour follow against a rear depth wheel and up to 120 kg in coulter pressure can be applied, row spacing is 25cm and the hopper capacity is 8000 litres in total split 60:40 between fertiliser and seed. Power requirement for the 15m is from 270 hp

KG 4001-2 – 6001-2 rotary cultivators

With tractors becoming increasingly more powerful, either directly at the gearbox or with power-boost PTO shafts, the need for stronger drive-lines on PTO-driven machinery is constantly in demand. The all new KG 01-2 series folding rotary cultivators fulfil that demand. Based on the well-known KG 8mm thick trough, with its 60mm, forged one-piece rotor drive shaft and over-sized taper roller bearings below the gear, the new KG series features three new gearboxes from Bondioli Pavesi. Designed to take up to 430hp when used in combination with a seed drill, it makes them ideal for use as a folding drill combination in conjunction with today’s big tractors. The new KG folding is available in 4.0 m – 6.0 m working widths.

Amatron3 ISOBUS controller

Cereals 2012 sees the continued introduction of Amatron3. Amatron3 is upward compatible as well as downwardly compatible with AMATRON+ meaning it is designed for use as either a CANBUS or ISOBUS controller. Amatron3 offers a new bright, colour 6” screen with 8 hotkeys for menu actuation and navigation. Data input is quick and simple with the new software and the unit comes complete with USB port for data transfer. Amatron3 not only offers machine controller functionality for spreaders, sprayers and drills but also can be used to monitor the tractor functionality as well. The rate controller screen can be toggled onto a GPS-Switch screen for monitoring the automatic headland shut-off and also as a VRA controller which can read an application map through the USB stick for site-specific variable rate application. The GPS-Track function enables the display to be used as light bar guidance with or without an Amazone machine attached

Visit Amazone for a cup of coffee on Stand SS102, you will find them right next to the Sprays and Sprayers ring.

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