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Stackyard News Jan 07

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UK Farmers Report Increasing Rodent Control Challenge

Rodent control is becoming an increasing challenge for farmers across the country, according to the results of a special study published by the world’s leading rodenticide manufacturer, Sorex this week (Monday January 29).


The Think Rat study involved reports from a broad cross-section of mainly livestock producers from Cornwall in the south to Aberdeen in the north all having to control rodents regularly in and around their units.

More than 90% of producers have problems with rats and 65% with mice, the majority finding it essential to control both on a regular basis. What is more, 85% are finding controlling them is becoming more of a challenge these days, over half recording a marked increase in their rodent control challenge.

More frequent infestations are clearly identified as the main problem, being reported by more than a third of producers. A quarter are encountering bigger infestations, with 20% having to bait for longer periods and a further 20% seeing less good bait consumption.

Figure:  Key UK Farm Rodent Control Challenges

rodent control

Greater farm assurance demands and a greater need to protect other animals from rodenticides are also mentioned as important factors in the increasing control challenge.

”While rodent infestations have traditionally been controlled when they reach troublesome levels, today’s farm assurance requirements make effective and verifiable rodent control essential on a year-round basis,” points out Martina Flynn of Sorex who co-ordinated the study. “Yet with non-target animal safety in mind rodenticides are having to be used increasingly securely, placing serious constraints on the control pressure that can be applied.

“Against this background, not to mention the extremely mild autumn and early winter conditions which have led to very large field populations of rats and an abundance of alternative food sources, it really isn’t surprising so many farmers are seeing an increase in their rodent control challenge.

“In responding to these increasing problems, they need to harness the latest research into behaviour-led control which shows that the appeal of rodenticides to rats and mice and the speed and scale of its uptake in the presence of other foods can be markedly increased by the use of foraging grain technology,” she stresses.

”With over 90% of the producers involved in our Think Rat study looking for a bait that gives faster and more reliable rodent control, we are confident that the first bait to incorporate this technology, Neosorexa Gold, will prove especially valuable in helping livestock units in particular address the current control challenge.”

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